New elections: the acclaimed strategist short had no options

New elections: The acclaimed strategist short had no options

Chancellor Sebastian short in the envision of new elections. Image: Federal Chancellery Austria

Learned Austria know this calculus: "Let Kickky and his team work" Hab it at the time. Whether this is rated this time, however, is very questionable

It seems to give certain cosmic and unanimous laws in Austria. One thing is: a coalition with the FPO never deserves a long than two years. Wolfgang Schussels had to do this experience at the beginning of the century when he had to be dissolved in his coalitions with the right-wing populists (then under Jorg Haider) after almost two years. 2002 by the tested FPO party congress in Knittelfeld, 2004 by cleaving the right warehouse in BZO and FPO.

But had expected no one in 2019. Too feast, the coalition seemed in the saddle and too much had her job payment from "New style" and the harmony of the governing parties anchored, which wanted to end the continuous dispute of SPO and OVP.

This harmony placed on the day falls sebastian shortly in front of the fruze. Through the Ibiza video became too clear, Wes spirit child this FPO is. Had "Linkelinke Gutmen" HC Strache and Johann Gudenus, FPO’s business-driving club robe, forced to play a charade in which they represent the UBBest cliches east-rich right right radical, then this video was created.

Corrupt, childish upgraded and a little "Simple in the cradle" the two appear, if Gudenus is about by means of a hand movement, cool like a thirteen-year-old, the firing of a handgun weapon, to present the term "Bell" to explain. Ready to explore the two, who has been lubricating everything they have forced a variety of easter-rich industrial companies (just the weapons manufacturer Gaston Glock, the real estate developer Benko or the gambling company Novomatic) for correct positions.

Since the two lay actor in the video but actually became a spater vice chancellor and club chef, one is a little at the rattles in Austria, if it is really that bad. In fact, the entrepreneur of Rene Benko is precisely to acquire a east-rich media empire. Whether he goes out like Strache and Gudenus discuss it in the video? So bring newspapers to lines by kicking a few unpleasant people and replacing new ones? You just stop everything for possibility.


On the morning of the 18.5. HC Strache was hardly a guilt. In a partly bizarre-acting explanation, he initially accused strangers and dark to lured him in a trap. He is happy to use the name "Silverstone", Just to emphasize later, the FPO fight against anti-Semitism. This is just as believed as his action for it that he was previously accused of addictive abuse, in order to be equal to it, in one "drunken g’schicht" to be.

He believes, one ware at alcohol lyric? Apparently he seemed to have a grip on a grip on drunk – and this is mindful his explanation for the exercises in the video. Only towards the end he begins to land his own misconduct and asks in particular his wife for forgiveness, with which he has a few months old child. Kennger Straches already suspected that he is already apologizing for things that are not known at this time of the openness.

He does not know the coalition, what the ball remained in the field of the OVP and the Federal Chancellor. The memory of Knittelfeld was still present at the FPO. At that time, Wolfggang Schussels succeeded in scoring the coalition at the new elections 2002 to achieve a very good result for the OVP of 42%, while the FPO deeply absorb. After the rapidity of Strache and Gudenus, who has been built as a successor for a long time, the FPO has a veritable, strategic problem, because its proof "Dunne headcurrent" gives hardly successor. The FPO will be difficult to set up a new tip.

"Let Kickky and his team work"

Of course, Sebastian short and you can accept this is one of the few good news this day for him. In the evening, the Chancellor ies an explanation that is already seamlessly overlooking a campaign speech. He explains the dating of the Easter-Rich Publuction for their not little sterling that the last 16 months had actually been very successful. You have achieved a lot together and implemented what was promised in the election campaign. Tax cuts, illegal migration managed to reduce and implement reforms in education.

At dictionhism against the actual topic, which had driven in Vienna several thousand people on the Ballhausplatz, Strache give themselves and short of nothing. Thank wool briefly mindless of all who worked in this government. An almost almost pathological fixation on the success and the good news must be attested to the Chancellor here well.

New elections: The acclaimed strategist short had no options

Image: Federal Chancellery Austria

But, he then has then, sometimes he had a hard time to take all these things overhore. He mentions the ratten poem in which a FPO politician compared to migrants with rats. Him, short, be (suddenly?) It did not realize with the FPO, he would not answer the country to support him, the important reforms that have been started in the last one and a half years now also. As at the time Kreisky, Today’s Chancellor asks: "Let’s work short and his team."

The absolute majority, which was then Kreisky, is in far away. This also suspects. He complains almost. You have to understand MUSSE, with the FPO it did not matter and the SPO is unfortunately not. Crocodilers, which will recognize many in Austria as such. The former SPO chairman had not very well excluded a black-red coalition and thanks to the yesterday’s book of the former OVP chairman Reinhold Mitterlehner is the intrigue game of shortly against the SPO and the own party is openly laid open. Every woman that briefly always had the coalition with the FPO.

His strategic misery is therefore blatant. He has played a harmony of the public for 16 months (which there was never probably never behind the scenes), which now proved to be a warm and intensive cooperation with inspirable criminals. Because much, whose Strache and Gudenus bruised in the video, will probably also have criminal consequences. (Of course, the presumption of innocence!To)

But even if these self-contaminants are all – typically eastern-rich – such as the premieges against the former Minister of Finance Karl-Heinz Grasser, then this time the "Morale" Too turny to be discovered. The two FPO top politicians seem to have not seemed to have not been able to do not have their tasks. In short, the confidence to Strache has thus been embarrassed and has also smiled into twilight circles. How can he not have noticed anything of Straches in all the months?

When Strache emphasizes today, he helped to make the country safer, then this involuntarily affects funny. The headcouchers of kindergarten are forbidden, but otherwise the silver silver will escape to Russian oligarch daughter? Even the German secret service warned before cooperation with Austria. Safety is probably different. A work-up of these advances will be necessary and would never have been possible with the FPO Interior Minister Herbert Kickl. When the FPO refused to recall Kickl in the afternoon, the end of the coalition was sealed. The acclaimed strategist short did not have any options anymore.

Impage in Vienna

Now is shortly unexpectedly shaky. His scoring of the coalition thus sounds less to Kreisky than after Wilhelm Molterer, who with one "It is enough" 2008 the coalition with the SPO Chancellor Gusenbauer informed. Humans in Austria also handed it, but with the OVP, and the SPO emerged from the new elections provoked by the OVP. In short, basically the absolute majority had to ask, because the SPO brand market he as a reform refuser and the FPO as non-governmental. Only remained a coalition with the small parties, but that must be numerically possible and they will sell very expensive.

Anyone who passed through the city of Vienna on this domestic dramatic day, found society in a loosely, almost cheerful mood before. The recently unbeatable acting brief is suddenly on shaky legs. The top candidates at the European elections of the SPO, Andreas Schieder, and the GrunenBotzfaude list "now" Johannes Voggenhuber mix in the crowd at the Ballhausplatz. You beamed and laughed around the bet.

The ORF wanted to have noticed an aggressive mood. But no, people had their babies on his arm, they laughed and sang. A single Antifa flag was visible and otherwise banners of the Neos and Grunen. Ready and heated was not. You celebrated the unexpected spring air. But by no means by a political performance of the opposition, but only the same government’s self-destructor pensions.

The next elections will show it

That’s why the outlook for the opposition is also less sunny than expected. Although the reform government is embarrassed under short to the bones, but this mundet not infrequently merely in general policy distributor. Whether elimans and their welfare from the warehouse of the government can be recovered for spo and grune, is anything but equipped.

A rough strategic problem has especially the SPO with the Neos. This spin-off of the OVP is perceived as circles as cosmopolitanes and liberally. What may vote, only the policy of this party is at least as neoliberal as those of the OVP below. Liberal means the softening of workers’ rights, austerity dictation and any liberalization, which uses industry and trade. The similarities with the remaining opposition from green and spo are therefore low. In a short time you had to be aligned, you could never rule together with the FPO if it should be enough for Neos and OVP to the new elections, then could be short "Reform program" continue.

But until autumn and the new elections in Austria it is still long. First, the European elections are once – and here the FPO scandal has enormous influence. Suddenly all conservatives are back "decided" (Angela Merkel) against the legal populists and do not want to take any coalition with these. The others more or less relegated right-populist parties in Europe now learn all a German word: "Individual case". Because such a so should have been the exercises Straches. However, that can only believe that in his attitudes completely embarrassed support. How rough this circle is in Austria and Europe, the next elections will show.

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