New arm top core for smartphones: cortex-x2 with armv9

New arm top core for smartphones: Cortex-X2 with ARMV9

Arm announces the first Armv9-A processor cores of the "Cortex"-Family: cortex-x2, cortex-a710 and cortex-a510. All can be configured with the vector chevers SVE2, which promise significantly more floating point computing power than arms previous SIMD extension neon.

The cortex-x2 is said to provide 16 percent more integer performance than the Cortex X1, which is scheduled for almost exactly one year, which is in current smartphone SOCs of the top class like Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and Samsung Exynos 2100. Samsung will also use the Cortex X2 – so it could expect in a 2022 successor of the Galaxy S21.

The Cortex-A510 is as a successor to the widespread Cortex-A55 as a particularly efficient "Power sparks" for combination with Cortex A710 or even stronger cortex x2 cores. Arm calls the DynamiQ Verbund, Fruhe "big.Little".

Strong cores

About ten years after the presentation of the 64-bit-matched Armv8-A architecture, Arm ended Marz Armv9 was called. Something later followed for the server core NeOverse N2 with ARMV9 technology. Thus, poor wants to tackle poets to the X86 processors of AMD and Intel.

Also with smartphones, tablets and notebooks, Cortex-X2 and Cortex-A710 should bring more boost. But here Arm also competes against the particularly strong Apple arm cores, which stuck approximately in the A14 and M1. The cortex-x1 has clearly accelerated to the Snapdragon 888 compared to the process of Snapdragon 865, but remains behind Apple’s technology. Qualcomm has bought the Nuvia founded by former Apple developers to develop even stronger smartphone SOCs.

New arm top core for smartphones: Cortex-X2 with ARMV9

Arm Total Compute Solution

complete package

Somewhat cloudy announces arm too "Total Compute Solutions" for chip developer. It’s about complete packages made of finished computers as Intellectual Property (IP) Cors, both as a Physical IP and as "Hardware IP", which has already been implemented and prompted for commissioners on test chips. However, a significant part of the chip development also applies to software that arm wants to contribute as well as developer tools.

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