Netflix keployed unused subscriptions

Netflix Keployed unused subscriptions

Netflix wants to reduce the number of unused subscriptions. Subscribers who have not used Netflix for a long time, should be alerted by e-mail that they can have their abo expertise. Do not respond to users on a request, Netflix wants to know the subscription even from our own initiative.

This has announced the company behind the streaming service in a blog entry. Thus, all users with a long inactivity should be reminded by mail to their ongoing subscription. In it, users are explicitly asked if they have to maintain the subscription. If there is no answer, Netflix stops the subscription.

This is intended to protect users from unnecessary, running costs, writes Netflix. "We at Netflix did not like to pay for something that they do not use." If a subscription is announced, users can reactivate it within 10 months to access their profile and favorites.

Nothing looked for two years

Netflix sends the emails according to two user groups: The first group has not used Netflix since activation for one year. The second user group has used Netflix after activation, but has seen anything since two years. So if you leave your subscription only for a few months unused, you do not have to worry.

According to Netflix, the two user groups make less than half a percentage point of total users. At about 180 million subscribers, this makes some 100.000 subscribers whose subscriptions are now accepted. According to the Technikmagazin The Verge, the notice emails have been. May send. The ration of subscriptions should be from 1. June start.

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