Much renovation work for new volkswagen boss this

The previous VW brand boss Herbert this is the new strong man at Volkswagen – and stands in large tasks. Volkswagen Musse Tempo include and put significant accents in electromobility, digitization of the car and traffic as well as new mobility services, he said after a meeting of the Supervisory Board on Thursday evening in Wolfsburg. This is now responsible for consolidated consolidated development and research, which he leads the vehicle IT – so everything around the networking of the car.

At the same time, Volkswagen introduces new trademark groups in the course of a comprehensive consolidated renovation. According to the Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Potsch, the reorganization should accelerate the decisions in the huge autoconzers and steer the consolidated management.

Grunen faction leader Anton Hofreiter said the German press agency: "The new VW boss this must work a long to-do list. He has to finally clarify the diesel and pure table. Otherwise, the accusation of the secret collarings and clinching is also liable to VW in the future."The Group must also approach consumers and customers, called for Hofreiter with a view of the exhaust scandal. The Group rejects high resolutions in Germany and Europe as in the US, referring to another legal system.

Potsch said after the meeting of the Supervisory Board: "The aim of the Volkswagen Group is and remains to align the company with its brands for a future."This is the right man. He had proved in the reorientation of the VW brand, "with which pace and which consequence he can implement profound transformation processes". This has succeeded in improving the efficiency of the long period of low-yield core brand.

This explained it to its most important task "to track the way to a profitable, global supplier of sustainable mobility,". The car industry is in the middle of a comprehensive change, towards alternative drives and autonomous driving. He relieves the previous group chief Matthias Muller with immediate effect.

Oversters decided on other Personalies: Gunnar Kilian, previously General Secretar in the works council and a close familiar of the powerful VW works council boss Bernd Osterloh, will become a personnel council and thus successors of Karlheinz Blessing. This is available for the duration of its contract term as a consultant. At the same time Porsche boss Oliver flower jerks into the consolidated board.

The reorganization of the brands was also stated: the brand groups "Volumen" (VW, Skoda and Seat), "Premium" (Audi) and "Super Premium" (Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini). The division with heavy commercial vehicles should be made borsenfahig. The business with the truck and bus marks Man, Scania and the Brazilian VW commercial vehicle subsidiary should first be converted into a German AG and then in a European Aktiengesellschaft (Se -Societas Europaea).

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