Much hypocrisy after the erdogan choice

Much hypocrisy after the Erdogan choice

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After the choice in Turkey, the hypocrites speak in Germany again. Some trump critics in this country are more about injured national prime as an emancipation

In Turkey, the opposition parties have a surprisingly fast recognized the election victory of Erdogan at the prasident election. Also abroad, Erdogan opponents introduce themselves on a long-term rule of their counterparty with the new powerful after the mandated emergence.

Amazing behavior were the Tone of Kristian Brakel from the Boll Foundation Istanbul in Germany radio interview. He even printed the hope that Erdogan now, where he achieved his election objective, will practice a less polarizing government style.

Are German Turken Wahler second class?

Meanwhile, the grune politician Cem Ozdemir in a for his guild rare profession of electoral infection. Related to Auto Korsos of Celebrating Erdogan Adves in German Cities Monated Ozdemir:

The celebrating German-Turkish Erdogan trail not only cheer their sole ruler, but thus print their rejection of our liberal democracy. (…) That must allocate all of us.


Now you became such harsh clays from all parties to the elections of AfD and Co. wish. But almost always the standard flowers come that one, of course, understand the worries and note of the Wahler and they are certainly not racists in the majority. Ozdemir’s exceptions already make the impression as if German-Turken Wahler second class.

Especially as in the last elections of Turkey, this time not the majority of all people living in Germany with Turkish electoral law elected Erdogan, but only those who have participated in the election.

If then in many media is claimed, "the Turks" In Germany, the majority of Erdogan had chosen, that’s wrong. It would not be appropriate to clarify the clarification before criticizing the voting decision of the majority of Turkish mussels who participated in Germany?

And how does Ozdemir’s diagnosis, that the Erdogan-Wahler print out the rejection of liberal democracy, although in Germany they became majority parties such as SPD, green and left elections?

How carrier is the distinction of Liberal versus Illiberal Democracy?

In fact, the distinction between Liberal versus Illiberal Democracy in Germany is particularly true, because you are on the side of the good preserves and thus compensated for power claim. In practice, this distinction has been softened.

Of the "Illiberal Democrat" Erdogan is a recognized partner in the escape lady, which should keep the fortress of Europe so far away many migrants away. Against left turkish oppositional, which often struggled against Turkish state terrorism when nobody spoke of Erdogan, the German judiciary proceeds with full hardness and also uses legal evidence from the "Illiberal democracy" in Turkey.

There was only pointed to the TKPML procedure in Munchen for several years or to the current battle of GulaFerit unsal for an asylum procedure in Berlin. The city planor was sentenced to the German judiciary as Left Unionist in Turkey and then after paragraph 129b.

After her freezing, she is not allowed to leave Germany, but also does not get asylum procedure. The persecution of Kurdish activities also has even been intensified in Germany in Germany. Even whole book editions were confiscated. From Ozdemir you have no criticism.

But some Kurdish or Turkish opposition will thus make his own thoughts on liberal and lliberal democracies in practice. Media like the mirror now emphasize that the Hungarian Minister President and Russia and Iran’s Prasident Erdogan congratulated to his re-election.

All other prasides have done because it is on the powerful ritual. But in the mirror, the ranking of these names should suggest that the phalanx of Illiberals has found themselves from all over the world.

The rights reserve against Erdogan trail in Germany and admires Erdogan

But here is the hypocrisy of the force to the right of the Union. For weeks a campaign for two motball players who love themselves with Erdogan. But secretly they admire the Turkish prasident; Only congratulations to the election victory as your Idol Orban can not be found on the right side of the internet.

There you took the Erdogan Critic Deniz Yucel from right to seek and had even more prison in Turkish cogs. Thus, after the Erdogan election, only the hypocrisy of the liberal and illiberal Democrats is clearly, which are in a doubt, as they think.

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