Motor yacht and equestrian friend

Austin, Texas (USA), 30. January 2015 – If your own interests are more in the engine – as in the equitation, a full-size crossover is not in question. BMW offers x5 m and x6 m with its sporty SUV models but cars that are considerably agile in the face of their monstrosity. Who likes that, with the new generation certainly gets the most out of this area.

The two PS protences are just as good on the racetrack as well as in the country. A coarse share of it has the 4.4 liter V8, which sells his 575 hp acoustically offensively. The eight cylinder is strengthened by 70 to 750 nm and accelerates the 4.91 meter long and 2265 kilograms heavy x6 m in 4.2 seconds at speed 100 and brings it up to 250 km / h. For an extra charge BMW let the limiter away, then he also drive 280 km / h. Thus, even with demanding driving the engine behind the tremendous air instrument does not get a Hitzestau, its high-performance kuhl system has a total of ten kuhlers.

The eighty converter automatic of the supplier ZF was undertaken primarily, now offers a further spread, including a very direct feel for load change despite the torque converter. With the switch paddles, she also completely disappointed, even in the red area is not simply inserted the Nachsthohe Gang. While this may not affect the driving dynamics, but is usually good as a domestic access to the driver.

Precise steering

High long dynamics offer many cars. The Munchner Giant comes to impressively high acceleration a surprising driving dynamics. Thanks to the well-coordinated, electromechanically supported rack power steering and an exactness-considered elastokinematics in the wheel carrying, curves can be driven excessively precise. The rear-fused basic tuning of the XDRIVE all-wheel system in conjunction with the three-stage dynamic stability control also lets controlled drifts. This will rarely experience the lanquit on your own limit. Even the understares expected of heavy four-wheeled vehicles have the engineers of the M GmbH have deported the X models.

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