Mosul: the is and the horror of poisoned food in a fleet camp

Mosul: The is and the horror of poisoned food in a fleet camp

Helicopter attack on IS positions in the old town of Mosul. Screenshot, Video / Twitter

"States support special groups at special times from special grounds"

The gross moment, the day of liberation from Mosul from the hands of Is. This is being explored for weeks: from Generals (Mosul: Waiting for the sign of the leaning tower), in news agency messages and in Twitter accounts. The whole Al-Zanjali district in West-Mosul should now officially be conquered by Iraqi power, Iraqi Day1 reports on Tuesday morning.

Two days ago, Iraqi Day had once reported that Al-Zanjali was conquering and the Iraqi units are now going to bury the IS caliphat in the old town. This was illustrated with a map that is already known to the Mosul nearby interested parties: It shows the conquered neighborhoods in Grun and the IST-Held in Weib. For a long time, two areas were directly on the west bank woman, now finally one of them in coarse parts Grun.

Mosul: Destruction and an insane effort

The map can also be found at worldonalert, a twilight Twitter account, which frequently succeeds and clips, not infrequently cruel, fed by Jihadists, the account operator "from Germany" is clearly not a fan of Assad and Russia, but not of the USA. The operator marks itself like this: "I’m Against All Dictators terror organizations." His communication to the conquest of Al-Zanjali (also Al-Zinjili) can be found in that the fights lasted three weeks and desormed by air raids and the fight.

Briefly, a current US budget document was announced that Iraqi elite troops were 40 percent (!) to have recorded losses in Mosul.

These only to indicate which effort is necessary and which losses, which are suffering and what destruction is connected alone with the fight against IS in Mosoul. It should be noted at all current events, which depends on the prehistory.

The preliminary work

The fact that the IS in Mosul could be died in such a way to owe a preliminary work of Sunni politicians in Mosul, is an indictment of 2015. Now such charges are not free from accusation to use the tension between sunni and skis. That the Ministry of Justice in Baghdad at the beginning of 2017 exhibited an arrest warrant against one of the politicians involved, the governor of the province of Mosul, Atheel Nujaifi, from these reasons, may be considered as an indication that the premieges are not gripped from the air.

The quenching of political interests and the requirement of IS in Mosulf is only a local section; In the coarse dimension, like ex-US Prasident Obama, one can establish a connection between the US invasion of Iraq and the emergence of IS.

That Al-Qaeda and his branches could be anchored in Iraq and Syria, political interests had a prerequisite that is little of the terms what they do. Or you have with intentions a chaos inductant, supported by a coarse parts of uncritical reporting.

The power of the is-horror

With the IS, a threat situation emerged, which exhibits everything that has to offer the hateness of the war. Young example are 752 poisoning trap in a fleet camp at Mosul. At least two people died of the delivered food.

Currently unclear whether the food was unintentionally due to lack of hygiene, for example bad water, to poisoning phenomena. That sounds like the most likely possibility. Or through a wrong behavior of the British NGO "Help the Needy", who had to do with the supply. It is determined by police. The suspicion is maintained that poisoning was deliberately dominated.

The food was delivered from Erbil. There are several hundred thousands, which are flooded from Mosul. Suchs that are not subject to relatives, acquaintances or over relationships elsewhere are dependent on the escape warehouses and the supply. What if you can not trust the food?

As long as the causes of poisoned food are not clarified, it shows, over which potential space of horror of the IS has. Whether a sliding in a Munchner suburb or poisoned food in an escape warehouse at Mosul, which is always one of the possibilities to which is first thought. At Mosul, you have a lot more reason for Dafur. Only yesterday was the call of IS to Haut Arrange in the USA, Europe, Russia, Australia, Syria and Iran, attacks on the IS channel to telegram renewed, reports Middle East Eye. Verified is not the audio message.

If she does not have to, the threat is so or so prasent. Whether reports, according to the documents found in Mosul, has pursued the intention of pursuing poisoning actions, is almost secondary, because the knowledge arises that the danger of IS in Syria and Iraq also after the Liberation Mosuls and Raqqas for the population remains.

Play together with the Jihadists

A prerequisite for that created or create the interests that calculate strategically with Jihadistic militias. As the concert formula is based on the example of Al-Qaeda, the early guidance member of the Al-Nusra front, Abu Sulayman, examines in a sentence he repeated in the interview again to fail it in his span:

These states support special groups ("movement") At special times from special grounds.

Abu Sulayman

In the video interview that the ex-al-Nusra man gave to a Jihadist-related ONG journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem, it was about who supports the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar which militia.

Abu Sulayman Aberte known, such as that the Turkey and Qatar Ahrar AL-SHAM support. At Hayat Al-Tahrir al-Sham, the latest designation of the Al Qaeda branch in Syria, Sulayman was a bit more immemoral – allegedly, this group has been isolated in the donors – until he found the quoted formula.

It would be able to accept reality that IS-Milizen are excluded from such together. An indication of this was Obama when he said that the US hoped for himself that he holds Bashar al-Assad in chess. Such "Play chess" And the chaos policy has its position to owe its position.

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