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The constitutional state, the information society and the "Not free space" Internet

In Article 3 (3) of our Basic Law, it is called: "No one may be disadvantaged or preferred because of its sex, his descent, his race, his language, home and origin, belief, religious or political views. Nobody may be disadvantaged because of his disability."

How easy you come to the smell today, to operate a racist business policy, the Dresdner Bank had to experience in the short break. Johannes Dingler from the University of Konstanz describes his view of things like this: a scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from Kenya researches half a year on Lake Constance and had an account at the "Consultant Bank". For certain states, however – so Dingler – money allen had to pay particularly strict legal regulations – for concern for money washing and financing of terrorism.

In the case of scholarship holders, for Dingler, a unchanged chain of individual circumstances of the student, organizational lack of the financial institution and personal weak (about lack of English skills) of the employees wanted to a "completely unnecessary automatism". Consequence: The account was announced and returned by the DAAD-survey money. After a "clear conversation" last week, Dingler is now confident that the maladministration is permanently fixed. For the bank itself, these are "misunderstandings", which are due to missing documents of scholarship holders.

Pirate party and studiVZ

The pirate party is also disadvantaged: she had a profile at StudiVZ; This was laughed with the argument, the virtual community offered only parties represented in the Bundestag. Why but RCDs, young Union and Juso groups at StudiVZ have a profile can not be experienced. A call to the portal remains unanswered for weeks. Recently, the Bundestag Member and Fruhere Social Democrat Jorg is now a member of the pirates (see pirates with backwind). Now the Pirate Party has the right to a group profile? No, far missing! According to the self-assessment of the blocked, only Jorg Taususs himself has the opportunity to present himself at studiVZ.

The reason – so the pirates: only one party who has understood the 5 percent hurde should be represented on studiVZ. It seems as if the Portal Primar is looking for grunden to keep the organization away from the platform.

According to which rules is allowed to present herself when and where in the information society? And: who ultimately decides whether an organization fulfills these demands? In any case, studiVZ has missed the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to an important, socially necessary dispute.

Etrackers, parties and personal data

The Christian Democrats and the Sozis Schwadronen like to be the Internet thirst "No right-free room". Very right! We want to know each other lovingly with privacy in this non-unlinked room! The operator of a website liked legitimate way, whomur interested in his visitors. But it is also possible to observe the entire interest profile of the user – not only of one, but all visited websites -. Privacy flavored the glass surfer. Possible effects: No credit, no insurance more for the surfer!

The data protection regulations are strictly strict: According to Niels Lepperhoff, the experiences of the Xamit evaluation company in Dusseldorf the visitors to a website had to be visibly informed that he is under observation of the side operator. And he had to have the possibility to stop the observation (so-called opt-out). The visitor of Etracker.COM is almost optimally protected: The supplier of Surfer watching software offers such a blockade in its explanation for privacy.

How is it to order the websites of those who are committed to the Internet as a non-unlinked room? With a word: modest!

The Sozis at least inform the observation of the visitor, but claim: "The data is not used to identify the visitor of this website personal. ETRACKER – However, the service provider of the SPD is confirmed: "Thus, personal data are stored only in the context of the contract for validity in our customer database". With these data – so the company – backlusses on persons possible. So what should we keep from the allegations of the Sozis?

The CDU clarifies the user about the storage of personal data, mentions eTracker as a service provider, but claims all seriousness, the data was not passed on! The inclined reader can now consider: know the blacks do not even know who evaluates their data? Or the party pires its interested parties?

The CSU is equal to nail with Kopf: It uses Google Analytics and translates the data to the servers of search engine giants in the USA. In the USA! The land of unlimited privacy! The independent country center for privacy (ULD) in Schleswig Holstein has been at the inadmissibility of this practice for years.

If there is a possibility to prevent their spit, the visitors of the parties of the "Groben" coalition is not at all. But what, if the politicians came to the idea, criminalize the visit of websites that are in conflict with applicable data protection law? According to Xamit, there are not only criminal parties, but also lots of companies that enter the privacy with piles. For the purposes of the right of the law on the Internet and the protection of the surfers from poor websites, I demand the incomplicable shutdown of SPD.DE, CDU.DE and! This has set a sign for others: the internet is not an obvious room! The discrimination of internet outlets is also strictly punished!

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