Monitoring: eclipse streamsheets 2.3 integrated crypto functions

Monitoring: Eclipse Streamsheets 2.3 Integrated Crypto Functions

Cedalo AG based in Freiburg has version 2.3 Eclipse Streamsheets publishes its swelled monitoring platform. The current release of the NO code platform focuses on the integration of new applications and functions, more recently also by third-party providers. Version 2.3 has new crypto functions on board, the transmission of sensitive data between the applications by trapping, for example by CRYPTO.Secure the hash function.

When sending data and messages, it is possible to ensure that the transfer was not intercepted or changed the transmission. Also passwords are no longer stored as a clear text according to the release of releases, but a closed.

Weather service Co: integrating third-party applications

Another focus on innovation concerns the integration of third-party applications through new cell functions that enable external services and recall. Weather reports, historical weather data and air pollution data as well as geokoordinates, the envision in the Cedalo blog is exemplary. The results can be shipped according to the provider via SMS or text message, with users and users can access the newly added SMS cell commands. For illustration, the publishers have created a real-time weather app as a template that can be downloaded from Cedalo.

There are also changes in the User Experience area, the view has recently reached an icon in the control bar directly. In a dialogue menu, users can then determine how they may be their sheets. The element Shape now has its own menu settings and those who want to readjust the parameters does not have to go into the underlying function. The background color of Streamsheet apps on mobile devices now can now be switched to a mode in which you adapt to the current lighting differences.

Cell functions and further information

Eclipse Streamsheets 2.3 brings new cell functions like () and httprequest2 (), whereby the JSON function allows users to convert JSON objects to XML text. A number of problem persons has also made it to the new version.

Further information about Eclipse Streamsheets 2.3 can be found in the release message in the Cedalo blog, where interested parties also find an option for free download of the current version. In-depth information about the cryptographic innovations are in the documentation.

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