Migrants: tunisia under pressure of the eu

Migrants: Tunisia under prere of the EU

Banlieue in the north of Tunis. Photo: Citizen59 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Especially Germany and France want the North African country at the "Control of migration" Part of attorney and expiry platforms allocated

The Italian government last attracted the screw once again when she directed towards Brussel to set the payments to the EU if there is no agreement in Brussel, as the migrants aboard the Kustenwachschschiff’s diciotti are spread over other EU countries. Italy does not want to accept migrants more, which are brought over the Mediterranean into an Italian harbor, says Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, since he is in office.

In the case of Diciotti, the other election winners and deputy head of government, Luigi di Maio from the 5-star movement, took over the role of the EU, which applies to the EU. He threatened the EU that Italy was not more long ago, "Decent 20 billion euros to pay the EU if you are not a few in the distribution of the escape bikes before Catania". Europe showed neither solidarity nor responsibility, so maio.

Oettinger Versus di Maio

Individually, representatives of the EU immediately explained that they were not involved in such threats, which also concern EU mission Sophia,. Finally, two affairs were connected, which have nothing to do with each other. This made this, for example, the German EU Commissioner Oettinger, which often lies with Italy in a schoolmaster who builds on German savings basically.

Oettinger showed the attempt by the Italian government to mix the current dispute over the migration policy with the debate on the EU budget, as the FAZ formulated.

Di Maio has a different, comprehensible perception. Deutsche Oettinger never reported when Italy asked for solidary help with the other EU states when it came to the migrants, which were mainly brought to Italian harbor. Now that it goes to the money, Oettinger was constantly speaking.

The migrants of Diciotti have now been allowed to land. "Ireland and Albania had explained to record some of them, which will now be supplied in facilities of the Catholic Church", reported the tagess on Thursday evening.

Other perceptions

Alone that the migrants repeat the allegation of torture, rape and other torments in the camps in Libya is already a clear sign for the fact that nothing is done here. Italian positioning is open to a neural giant body of the EU. In view of the fact that the migration theme unfolds a quorful political force, fire is under the roof of the hilarious, a little world-other official in Brussel.

In two European capital, governments are very curled. Anyway, Tunisia is reported that the prere from the EU is found to be so strong that he is at "Windows and doors" comes in, more and better coordinated are the demands from Europe for the outsourced control of migration. Especially from Germany and France he come. The tensions in Tunisia were rising.

It’s about something strange "Regional disembarkation platforms" centers to establish the EU plan for migration control in third countries to regulate migration over the Mediterranean. Tunisia is as a location "truss".

As is more accurate as in the EU press release at the end of July, these platforms should be created, which should be created in North African countries that separate migrants, in those who have a chance to be included in Europe-and the others. These are sent from there from there to their homeland. Ideally, go. If not able to durate difficult situations for the countries with the "Regional disembarkation platforms" develop.

In any case, the fear of the North African Lander and are afraid. They do not play as the EU wants. Therefore, the prere on Tunisia. Egypt does not do with how it explained quite clearly. And from Algeria and Morocco, so far a real willingness has been heard to build such start-up and selection centers.

There is no one in Libya, who could have seen such a reliability. Also Tunisia’s attitude is called until now "no".

"Red lines"

It gives "red lines", If it is called by the Tunisian government, meant a loss of control. They canceled how the LE-Monde Africa correspondent Frederic Bobin from Tunis reports that there is a suction effect on the one hand through these centers and on the other hand "Tension", Equivalent with unquestioned Arger. One already has difficulties that social services are not sufficient for the population.

In Tunisia as well as in other North African countries, the European perspective on the migrants will not take over, there is a different look. Migrants who want in European countries will not be completed, but supports how to behave at the behavior of the Tunisian Kustenwache.

The figures mentioned in a report of the Africa-based organization Institute for Security Studies (ISS) for migration from Tunisia show that the wandered migrants pass through. There is one "unofficial tolerance", so the report.

According to Le Monde, in Tunisia, especially a civil society, which the government looks at his fingers when it comes to human and burger rights, and the attitude towards migrants, which, according to the just mentioned ISS report, usually and amongwhere from Tunisia which – still – no transit country is, is that the families and the state promises something about it.

However, it is economical in Tunisia not very well. This is according to Le Monde the starting point of Europe. In some aspects the already works. The figures of migrants, which are returned from EU countries and resumed in Tunisia, should have risen according to Le Monde. But that would be handled in all discretion.

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