Microsoft postpones start of windows 10x

Microsoft postpones start of Windows 10x

After a concept representation, this comes now: a report according to a report, Microsoft does not want to bring his answer to Google’s slim operating system Chromeos on the foreseeable future.

On the IT portal Homes that all developers have deducted from the ambitious project and have been assigned to new tasks. Officially, Microsoft had mentioned Windows 10 x last year recently. Apparently, however, all the development versions were deleted and a start at least this year excluded. Our site has asked the company to comment. Alone, Microsoft did not like to say nothing.

Failed on the reality test

Brad Sam writes on, that Microsoft does not recognize the reality test again with the departure from Windows 10x with an important project. Because it is likely that Microsoft will definitely say goodbye to the project. After all, Windows 10x was announced in the fall of 2019 for the fall 2020. Then as a result of the corona crisis, the original plan has been pushed backwards and has been significantly changed.

In the fall of 2019, Microsoft with his dual-screener Surface neo had caused a stir – not only due to the innovative hardware, but also because with Windows 10x should come a specially designed operating system version. But already in May 2020, the Group raided back: How Microsoft’s Windows and Hardware Chief Panos Panay at that time stated in a blog post, the 10x development focus is now on producing notebooks and tablets with just one screen.

Innovative hardware postponed

There is no talk of that anymore. Instead, the RedMonder Group should focus on the update "Sun Valley" Focus on regular Windows 10. The aim is thus a comprehensive modernization.

It is also uncertain of the future of the in-house Surface Neo, which should be one of the first mobile devices with Windows 10x. US media had reported from a postponement of the start of sale in the next year a few weeks ago, but at that time, at that time alleged delays in production and not due to a changed alignment in terms of Windows 10x.

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