Microsoft israel: difficulties with politics

At first glance, the story could act like a victory of email activists in the fight against the coarse corporations

In mid-April, Microsoft Israel poked rough advertisements along the highway in the near Tel Avivs: "Wholeheartedly – we thank the Israeli army" Against the background of the Israeli national flag. At the same time, the raised army in the homeland fell especially because of their destructing of the Palastic escape warehouse in Dschenin and others "terrorist infrastructures" on. Other countries and advanced Israelis focused on the civil inhabitants of the camp, whose burned and crushed body appeared in the evening news.

Palastic Israelis informed their brother and sisters under Israeli occupation and abroad from the promotion. All should complain about Microsoft Management in Redmond / USA and preferably on Linux and Star Office, both free and Microsoft compatible, recirculated. Just a few days later, the Israeli peace group Gush Shalom rose with an open letter to Microsoft Chef Bill Gates in the campaign.

"Microsoft had expected more than crude nationalist and militaristic propaganda (…) and the public support of the war of destruction of the Sharon government. (…) We reached for the completion of this advertising campaign. The tens of thousands of dollars invested here should be better invested in activities that terminate bloodships and demand just Israeli-palatinean peace."

Microsoft Gulf Eastern Mediterranean accepted the matter and thanked Sabri Saidam, one of the initiators of the email campaign, cordially for information. The mailing list of the Palastian Information Technology Special Interest Group (ITSIG) was their starting point. At the same time, it was pointed out on the company policy to be supposed to be supposed to be involved in the Israeli-palatinian conflict.

Jonathan Murray from the Microsoft headquarters, who participated in Saudi E-Commerce 2002, emphasized that this type of advertising was absorbed very sensitive in the region. Such an article in online magazine arab news of 21. April. The support for the Israeli army by the offshoot of the globally operating group overshadowed the fair in the Saudi Arabian capital Riad. Microsoft has in many Arab and Islamic countries in which, given the youngest war against the Palastinians in the occupied territories, many protests against Israel take place. Microsoft will break the matter internally, so murray.

On 21. April, the Funkten Day of the campaign, were removed the advertising tablets. The activists wider moror air. Now it is supposed to be whether Microsoft Israel should be moved to a contrary display in the same size and duration.

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