Microsoft flight simulator: sim update 3 fixes crash causes

Microsoft Flight Simulator: SIM Update 3 fixes crash causes

Microsoft published the third rough simulation update for the Flight Simulator. It carries the version number and brings several improvements, a new landing demand and fixes numerous mistakes.

The approximately 10 GB of rough update fugges into the game retro airplane coatings known from the process of FSX: ie Kenmore, Emerald Gold, Global Freighways, Orbit, Pacifica and World Travel. Condenstrip of the own aircraft are now visible – in other players or the Ki-controlled aircraft these are still missing. The World Map Receives Advanced Costs Options, the A320Neo AutoPilot and Boeing 747-8 Some improvements. Also on the glass cockpits, the developers have virtually screwed – so now the brightness of the G3000 rules.

Flight Simulator 2020: ImageQuality

Microsoft Flight Simulator: SIM Update 3 fixes crash causes

Quality comparison Flight Simulator 2020: 1080p, Ultra-Preset, Rendering Class 200

Fixed crash causes

According to developers, the update should also resolve certain crash causes of the game – including those associated with the manual cache. The VR mode (practical test) is now also working if the HDR setting is set in 2D operation. Even on the lighting, the developers have screwed, for example, the coarse of the runway lights was adjusted. Microsoft lists all changes that the update brings on its website.

The Flight Simulator has already experienced several rough updates since its publication in August 2020 (Test): So improved free world updates the presentation of landscapes, buildings and attractions in Japan, the USA and Great Britain. At the end of December, Microsoft integrated VR mode, which requires an enormous powerful PC.

The Flight Simulator is available in three editions for 70 euros (standard), 90 Euro (Deluxe) and 120 Euro (Premium Deluxe), each containing more aircraft and more finely reformed airport. In addition to the online sales versions via Windows Store and Steam, there are standard and premium expenses as a disc version with 10 DVDs distributing Aerosoft. In the Xbox Game Pass for the PC, the standard version of the Flight Simulator is included. In the second half of 2021, the Flight Simulator should also appear for the Microsoft Game Consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (Test).

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