Metropolitan police rises with old hat

In the context of the Diversity Policing Strategy Curve from August Muslim police officers in London veiled on patrol

About the question of how dangerous the wearing of a headscarf for the German culture, so far no agreement could be achieved in this country. While the Administrative Court Luneburg has decided last year that Muslim teachers in Lower Saxony carry a headscarf, the Stuttgart Administrative Court has made the same concerns away.

Anders in the traditional conscious England: Here the good old Bobby must adapt to the tutorial of the multicultural society. From August Curfs Muslim police officers of the London Metropolitan Police (short: MET) with the Hijab dressed on patrol. Four veil types are currently tested with the black and white whirl pattern of the Bobby Uniform. Sikhs has been permitted for ten years to wear her turban in service. With constituencies such as headgear, prayer rooms and compliance with the food regulations, the London police want to appeal to the recruitment of new policemen ethnic minorities. After all, in the Melting Pot London 340 different language spoke, the ethnic minorities repent animals more than 10 000 different volks.

It is a pity that a mentality change seems to play a subordinate role in the demonstratively shown reform will of the London police. Like the Deputy Commissioner of the Met, Ian Blair, at which Met Police Diversity Conference completed at the end of April, for the new openness of ethnic minorities, mainly economic demonstrations decisive. Because demographic development shows that the MET in the next ten years has to replace two-thirds of its proper dogs. But where these take? Since you can already show yourself as a multiculturally open-minded and ask to increase the proportion of Asians and Muslims by 2010 from four to 25 percent.

The multicultural modernization of the MET already started in 1998. At that time, the Racial and Violent Crime Task Force (Operation Athena) was established and the program "Protect and Respect" brought to life. Last September, the 25,000 policemen and civilian employees of the Metropolitan Police then received a 129 poster "Cultural" Printed in the hand, full of practical tips and advice in dealing with ethnic minorities. Here are the London Order Huter u. a. Daruber is instructing the turban of a SIKH never to touch without the expression of the Trager that Japanese answer questions at the bustle, even if they have not understood the by which or that you can not coise a Somalier with hand signals such as the wrapped index finger because this gesture is reserved in Somalia for dogs.

Under the motto "Protect and Respect: Everybody Benefits" The diversity of policing programs has officially gone to the second phase at the end of April at the end of April. Whether the target formulated by Sir John Condon (until 2000 comiterizing comiteries of the MET) at the beginning of the project: The Met Fully Committed to Root Out Racism in the Capital has indispensable, or if the ambition ultimately affects exercises, is difficult to judge. But during this country the "Headscarf debate" Through the dishes, London continues to be hotted at the headgear of the Bobby. In addition to the headscarf for Muslim police officers is still the Dreadlock hairstyle of the Jamaican Rastafaris in conversation.

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