#Metoo: which not?

#Metoo: Which not?

The hashtag #Metoo reveals the eMAB to sexual loading, rehabilitation and rape of women

Harvey Weinstein, in the past, stood this name for success in the US show business and for success-makers – by (boys) talents female and seven sexes. As is now known, he demanded many women as consideration of sexual services; The manner he corrupted by calling her projects. So he bought her silence, like George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino look through now.

But it is clear, sexual loading, rehabilitation and rape is not obvious "only" To the professional picture of the film factory in Hollywood, but to everyday life of pensive women everywhere in the world. So that the hashtag #metoo has long been swiftly over the coarse pond. He was initiated by the US actress Alyssa Milano, who wanted to measure other women, to signal their own concern. Meanwhile, the number of women reacted to this hashtag is so rough that the question has already been asked: "Which woman is still affected?", but: "Which not?" (#Noteme)

Actually, it had all the knowledge, and actually all known: sexual surprises to rape are not uncommon in the film and show industry in the USA. The scandal was revealed about Weinstein of Ronan Farrow, son of the Golden Globe Prize Brine Mia Farrow. Meanwhile, there is talk of more than 50 accusations ranging from loading to rape.

That Farrow broke the silence is certainly no coincidence, because its childhood was properly represented by the scandal for the lifferent of his mother, Hollywood-legend Woody Allen. This had a ratio with his sister, the adopted daughter of his mother, Soon-yi. Allen and Soon Yi married later. In the separation of Farrow and everyone, it went next to the question, "Injurious with dependent" in terms of Soon-Yi also for the accusation of which then 7-year-old Dylan Farrow raped.

The procedure against everyone was adjusted, but Dylan Farrow raised seriously as adults against all. For his career, the meanwhile did not matter. It was also known that Roman Polanski was accused, which at that time has been upgraded and raped 13 years old Samantha Jane Gailey. Also David Bowie or Iggy Pop did not harm the allegation, minual, so-called baby groupies, raped.

Probably the most prominent example is the rape accomplishment of the actress Monika Lundi against her actor colleagues Burkhard Driest. The act should have occurred with a drama seminar in the USA. There was no conviction, u.a. Because the actor Jurgen Prochnow, who slept during the act in the adjoining room, covered. The procedure in the US led the same judge who had also helped Roman Polanski from Bredouille ..


But under the Hashtag #Metoo, not only prominent women have to speak, but women of all ages, from all social layers and different occupations. It can not be denied: (sexualized) violence is a widely used problem. And more and more women are trusting themselves as a victim’s victims.

Mirror "Collected the police in 2015 every day around 19 rape and sexual critics, and these are just the trap indicated by the police, the dark figure is much high. Overall, under the suspects in the field of sexual offenses, 93 percent men were manner, in crimes against life 83 percent."

The US filmmaker, author and Padagogue Jackson Katz fell in 2012 that never talked about the taders. Exactly this is criticized in forums of social networks at the #Metoo campaign: that although many women are out, but over the tatter nobody speaks. The women were so advised in the sacrificial role, or bring themselves into them, but others there was nothing to exist in existing ratios. But usually and quite timid people who have understood that only something is going to change when manner start to reflect their behavior.

Under the Hashtag #itwasm confess Manner U.a., to have become umbrelled or not stopped a friend. However, some manners use the Hashtag to split with their experiences, others turn funny – or "shine" with sexist and / or racist speckles.

It seems to be a long way until the realization that there is there, where there are victims, there are also taders, and that not the victims can change the violence – auber in a very small personal setting – but that manner collectively the Problem manner power and take it actively, so that it is not only important in the (manual) consciousness, but also leads to deeds.

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