Mab and middle

MaB and middle

"Gay pride" Budapest, 2008. Photo: Jutka Kovacs / CC by 3.0

The debate on the "Marriage for all" shows once again as medium-standing topics are pushed to the center to ignore social problems

Election campaign is just a lot of show and very little policy. When the showmaster gives good performance, he has the laughs and supports on his side. But attention and fame are extremely cursive. The SPD Chancellor’s Candidate Martin Schulz has experienced this in recent months to the geneage.

If he was written off first to Jesus from Wurgel, he was considered a lot after three lost state elections. On the SPD party congress last weekend, it has completed Schulz to focus on the attention again and the Union, who already knew as a constituishment winner, was in the defensive.

Follow Merkel attack on democracy?

Schulz has actually released again an illogical and little lack of performance. First of all, he threw Merkel with which his party has been in a government coalition for years for years, a stop on democracy, because it refuses the debate on the future of the country and thus take a strong electoral chimney.

Now the number of elective refusers in many countries are growing and the reason is often that people remember, they can give their vote, but have little influence on politics, which must always be satisfied and primarily satisfying the DAX and the market. This Tina principle ("There is no alternative") Merkel did not invent, but certainly perfected.

Surely the Merkel process Gerhard Schroder has at least so much helped with its Agenda 2010 and its BASTA policy that many people do not believe in elections. Only this Schroder was cheered on the SPD party congress.

This short excitement would not even have been a wind jug in the water glass, especially since Merkel has taken note of the Schulz speech only with interest. But now with the "Marriage for all" An opportunity that the SPD can show very opposite the Union. Finally, all the potential coalition partners of the Union have explained from the green to the FDP that the "Marriage for all" a condition for a requested covenancy.

Now that was finally a campaign topic for controversies between the parties. That had liked Schulz, who was a debate on the future of German society.

Merkel in the Union in criticism

But then he made sure that the topic was ripped off before the campaign start. He reached a Merkel proposal, which the vote for the "Marriage for all" explained to a question of conscience. At the Union, she dismissed violent criticism. The deputies have been awarded to the conservative avalanche. Some representatives immediately expose themselves as incorrigible reactions by "Marriage for all" explained for advanced.

Merkel is criticized by the union conservative aircraft, as at times of the escape crisis. And the few weeks before the general election, where the Union is already in election mode, which states that the dispute is postponed. Merkel, which has been accumulated in recent months because of its escape policies from its intra-party critics, had a degree period in recent times. Even Horst Seehofer presented himself demonstratively at her side.

But now the new intra-party harmony proves to be fiction. After all, Schulz can calculate as a success. But a left criticism of marriage-for-all demand is inspired. Forgetting are the long discussions in the gay and lesbian movement that a demand for marriage the conservative and patriarchal structures rather asked as questioned. Instead of the "Marriage for all" To demand, it had to be about to put the institution before in question.

So the debate confirmed by the "Marriage for all" Only again the thesis that the sociologist Ulf Cadzeke in his parcel publication published in the publisher Bertz-Fischer "Myth Mitte or: Disposal of the class ie briefly and pragnant to the point:

Not only the parties are almost closed in the "center". The socially and politically common term is also booming in the public discussion about the state of German society. Despite the growing social cleavage, almost nowhere is more of a class society.

Ulf Condritzke

Condritzke also names the consequences of this medially required MittsDisc course: "The dramatic tone should move the readers to worry about the lot in the middle more than the people who are really arm or uncertainty." This will be about the current debate "Marriage for all" especially clear. This is clearly the problem of a middle class, which wants to clear adoption and inheritance questions.

The goods have been a great campaign topic, as Schulz has navigated on the weekend on the SPD party congratence. If it can not go fast enough with the implementation, he wants to profound exactly in this postmodern center. Schulz had just as well with one of the many social topics to take on the occasion, to go with the coalition partner in the Clinch.

The SPD and the media

Whether it’s an end to the sanctions for Hartz IV recipient to be pensions and leans, of which people can live, whether it is about an end to the privatization or to rent mails against higher rents, all of them had been such topics. But with that the SPD had had a coarse part of the media against themselves, which already defined, what’s going on and what is not going.

It always absorbs that every social maaking is considered an attack on the middle class and stands under extremism. Therefore, Ursocial Democratic positions such as the SPD and the IG metal have been demanded 20 years ago, today under communism.

In the Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn has against the coarse part of the media, which has long been defined, is a social democratic election campaign managed to leaving the Thatcher course in the social and economic policy communism, which had success.

In Germany, Schulz has made clear after the Saarland election after the Saarland choice, that the SPD remains on the middle course. That the party congress did not even have the courage to absorb a wealth tax in the program and charged the Blair-familiar Gerhard Schroder, makes a clear.

The German Social Democrats, even if they had the possibilities, do nothing to the economic liberal course. All this will forget, if now the topic "Marriage for all" so is put to the center, which allegedly does not allow a delay.

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