Lukaschenko ryanair coup is reminiscent of snowden incident 2013

Lukaschenko Ryanair Coup is reminiscent of Snowden incident 2013

The Minsk Airport, where access took place. Photo: Visem / CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Belorussian government has forced a Ryanair machine in Minsk to land – which only to arrest an opposition blogger. Russia refers to parallels

Allegedly because of a bomb threat, the Weibussian government forced a Ryanair flight in Minsk to landing – after heavy indexes, it was only about the arrest of an opposition blogger. Russia premiered, thus ridicified as a bonded with in the weft line and reminiscent of similar preliminary cases in the west.

The official version of Weibussian State Channels, after which the Ryanair flight was forced for acute terrorism to emergency landing in Minsk, no one believes in neighboring Russia, although it is spread from state Russian television. It is unlikely that a random emergency landing is an important opposition activist in the Minsk network – and numerous indications, such as the distance to the airport at the time of the alleged bomb threat, talk about.

So call the Moscow newspaper Commerant By name, that the flight "intercept" It was – possibly to arrest the opposition novel Pratasevich. He is considered years of important support of opposition to Prasident Alexander Lukashenko, even as a coordinator of social media actions, which should be called Lukashenko’s fall. Wanted he was made by Belorussian officials with the accusation of being prompted. Now he threatens him a long-term imprisonment.

Commerant reports that Pratasevich still suspected in the plane that he had already been persecuted in Athens of officials of the Weibrussian KGB. In addition, in addition to the opposition several more Weibrussian and Russian passengers had left the Ryanair flight in Minsk. Also the Russian news agency TASS Quotes the boss of the affected airline Ryanair O’Leary, who also believes in the presence of KGB agents on his flight.

Pigiger Comparison with Snowden incident

The entire incident is compared in Moscow with a similar in 2013. At that time, France and Portugal had locked their airspace for the machine of the Bolivian Prasident Evo Moral – and this was forced to landing in Vienna because the US whistleblower Edward Snowden was suspected of. The Russian AubenMsprerer Maria Sakharova reminded on Facebook in connection with the current incident to the former action and spoke to Western governments the right, because of Lukashenko’s action now "shocked" to be. The same behavior of other states does not entitle to violent own reactions.

But both forklies are not equivalent from their expected after effects, it means more cautious the political scientist Andrej Kortunow from the Russian Council for the media portal for immediate affairs RBK. For now, in consequence of the forced emergency landing, it came to a arrest that is expected to result in a long-term detention. Snowden was simply and moving in the relevant airplane 2013 not on board, which is why the scandal quickly abbreviated. In this context, in this context, the fact that the focusing Sakharova has not yet tried to justify the behavior of Belorussian agents, but relativized it and refers to Western double standards.

Kortunov sees the action as a sign of uncertainty at the Weibrussian officials. Why always stressed that the opposition movement is in the end. but "Why should they take such extreme mails when their opponents are really marginalized?", Kortunov asks RBK. The action will also beside all who criticize the advances in Belarus, in contrast to engaging. The violent reactions of Western governments that have just begun to give him right.

Russia as a gross brother with in the weft line

The fact that Russia also gives Russia into the firing line by the action, the Russian governmentist Konstantin Satulin, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Russian State Duma Committee for the CIS States. "This not only creates problems for Belarus, but also for Russia, as it is perceived in the current situation as a defender of the Weibussian interests" Does the politician in Moscow belong to the online newspaper That Satulin is not wrong to prove first comments in Western media, which immediately establish a context of the Lukasho Coups with challenges towards Moscow.

The way the action has been carried out, according to Satulin’s international problems, and be a steep template for all who are responsible for Russian and Weibrussian interests. Since in addition to Pratasevich his girlfriend Sophia Sapega, a Russian State Burger, was arrested, the Russian side Konne the disclosure of backgrounds of the arrest of Russian demand.

From other behavior of Russia behind the scenes, it will decisively depend what Lukashenko is still undergoing everything in the next few weeks to make the opposition movement in his own land mouth. Forced maps from the West were priced by him as well as he redirected the plane to Minsk, as when he does the opposition media portal shortly before.By locking. There can be no sanction here. But without Moscow support he released now, his government otherwise speaking in Europe can not survive. And as a reliable bonded of the Kremlin, he has not proven to be in early years.

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