Long life with and without diet

In the spam folders will soon meet a new concept: rapamycin, researchers have shown, significantly demonstrates life – and also with suction

50 milligrams of long life are currently available for 32 euros. 99-percent pure rapamycin, easy to find because even by Google text display advertised by the manufacturer, the company LC Laboratories in Woburn, MA – that the substance is able to significantly demand life at least of mouses, the spammers have since this week written.

In the online edition of the renowned science magazine nature, a study was published by the American National Institute of Aging (NIA). The NIA operates a so-called "Intervention Testing Program" With the aim of locating potentially life-extensive therapies – first in the mouse attempt.

In principle, anyone can propose such a therapy method. If it is recognized promising, test three independent laboratories in a long-term attempt the substance. So far, however, no substance has managed to extend the lives of manual and female mallows in a robust and significant manner in all three test centers – except for rapamycin.

The organic substance is designed for a myth. Already their discovery story is exciting: Rapamycin, also Sirolimus, leads its name from the Easter Islands, Rapa Nui, off – it was first identified in soil samples from this historic agitator. Where soon thousand still looks at the insider inner Moai stone figures, rapamycin is created as a metabolic product of the bacterial type Streptomyces Hygroscopicus.

Long life with and without diet

Moai figures on Rapa Nui (Easter Islands). Image: Rivi the picture "Ahu Tongariki.jpg" and is under the Creative Commons Attribution Disclosure under the same conditions 3.0 ..

Very new is Sirolimus in medicine, however, is not: The annular organic molecules (macrolides) are used, for example, after organ transplants for the impression of the immune reaction. In addition, one attempts to prevent the substance of preventing the resurrection of coronary dictionary after inserting a stent – and only possible applications in tumor therapy are distinguished.

That Rapamycin has lifetime demand for lower living beings, one knew as well. In vertebrates, however, this application is a real novelty – and also one that has been demonstrated in a truly convincing process. The researchers in the three laboratories had to first find a way to administer the experimental animals Rapamycin so that it can achieve his locals. That lasted so long that the mouse stems reserved for the trial were already 600 days at the beginning of the experiment – that corresponds to the man’s age of 60 years.

The effect was still amazing: Compared to the control group, the life of females leased by 38 percent, from men by 28 percent. Currently, another, later started trial series – the animals were here at the beginning of the experiment here 270 days old, so still in the very best years. The series of experiments is not yet completed, but it is already shown that mortality was significantly reduced under rapamycin influence.

As the fabric looks, researchers are of course also thinking. Rapamycin prevents inter alia the maturation of immune cells (T cells). The substance aims for another, corporate protein, named, which is called goal (target of rapamycin), which seems to play a role in several processes of cellular and aging. Rapamycin influences and describes the function of gate.

Interesting thing is that another, known as a lifetime-demanding maaking causes exactly this: a strict calorie-reduced diet. If it succeeds not to fall below the threshold for malfunction, the life of Rhesus monkeys dearly defined in the attempt. Compared to the day-to-day administration of Rapamycin, comparable to an artically induced AIDS suffering with its immunosuppressive side effect, the diet path for people with the desire for immortality is certainly the recommended.

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