Like the poor and not poverty

Like the poor and not poverty

Haupachlosser, Hamburg, 1997. Photo: Hendrike / CC BY-SA 3.0

Housing and homeless people are extremely delivered to attacks

Help for housing and homeless people is urgently necessary in the cold season. But not everywhere all concerned are welcome. The club Dresdener Burger help Dresdner homeless e.V. Has not randomly twice the name of the city in clubname. In the statutes it is called: "The club Dresdner Burger help Dresdner Homeless and Burfish E.V. support dresdner homeless and best. If you would like to support our goals as a member or mistress member, then you are welcome."

A reporter of the time wanted to know from the association primrers, whether living in Dresden flights support support. That did not answer. After receiving time, the land of the association is firmly anchored in the right scene and at Pegida. It is not unusual that rights discover the domestic residential and homeless persons for their propaganda. They are so played against migrants.

There are already pictures of begging people on the right side of the internet and then asked why no money is there, which is supposedly spent on the strangers. As the rights only then discovered women’s rights when it went against the Arab and African manners and she served as a camphor against anti-Semitism exported allegedly from the Arab countries, so they have only discovered the supervisory and homelessness as they play them against migrants could.

The publicist and author Lucius Teidelbaum estimates that the interest of the rights of residential and homelessness soon suits again. He has dealt with the hatred of homelessness not only in the right scene. "Homeless and Social Arwinism" Is the title of his book about the topic.

Social Arwinism or game of racism?

The term social arwinism was quite provided for controversies at an event of Teidelbaum in Berlin. Anne Allex from the working group marginalized yesterday and today rejects the term social arwinism. She designated "xenophobia", "Handicapped skin" and anti-Semitism as species of racism.

"Because the central category of racism is called ‘inferiority’, whether they are directed against people with other skin color, religion, origin or arms and homeless", so allx. A few years ago, an anti-racist farm, which turned to the propaganda of Thilo Sarrazin, used the term social chauvinism. He has the advantage that in the last instance he jerked the capitalist exploitation logic in the focus of the criticism. In the self-mortal clarification of the covenant against social chauvinism, it strolled:

With the global crisis, racism and social chauvinism are reflected in the political everyday life. Understanding, accurate, precar conducted and people who are attributed to a migrant, in particular Muslim identity. But the rest of the company is also mixed up. The hitting against supposed "Social Garotzer_innen" and "Integration refuse" paves the way for a comprehensive composition of capitalist location policy.

Basic statement of the covenant against racism and social chauvinism (BGRS)

"That was just a bum"

Housing and homeless people are particularly delivered to attacks because they can not shut up behind them. On the "Blog for Strain and life" Berberinfo the attacks on these people are documented to the murder. There are also the numbers of the odor and homeless have been listed.

Some nationwide murders of homeless people, for which neo-Nazis are responsible, are also listed there. It was only one case here, which becomes clear, how not only the rights, but also the multi-quoted center of the company are involved in discrimination against housing and homeless. It’s about Gunther Schwannecke. About him it is in the Berberinfo:

29.08.1992: Gunter Schwannecke (58), a contemporary painter, will be on 29. August 1992 killed by a neonazi in Berlin-Charlottenburg. With another homeless, Hagen Knuth, Sab he in the evening on the bank of a playground at the Pestalozzi / Fritschestraben. The two Neonazis Norman Ruhlke and Hendrik Jahn, then active in the right-wing extremist scene, came in order to also insult and distribute people with migration backgrounds sitting there.

Gunter Schwannececke and Hagen Knuth proved civil courage and mixed in. After the original victims of the two attackers could escape, their anger against the two homeless people;. Ruhlke hit the two with an aluminum baseball. Hagen K. was rescued after heavy brain trauma in the hospital, but Gunter Schwannecke died on the 5th. September 1992 on the consequences of scrubbing and brain bleeding. The tader, the own statement "abreader his aggression" Wanted, later is sentenced for corporary injury to six years in prison. The Landgericht Berlin emphasized that his racist silence has been causal for action. Ruhlke had been horrified in the judgment of judgment, his skinhead friends commented on the judgment from the viewer interior: "how come? He was just a bum!""


"He was just a bum!" This thinking was the reason that the man was forgotten for years, though he had to die because he defended people with a migrant background in front of neonazi attacks. When the businessman Dominik Brunner died many years later in Munchen on a heart attack after he had defended young people in front of amortized migrant manners, he was explained nationwide to the hero and was even posthumously as a trager of the Federal Cross of Merit in conversation.

The fact that swovel corner was finally a memorial place in the place of his murder is due to a civil society initiative. The Berlin homeless help, which explicitly supports people independently of their origin, had had problems with district policy and residents in Berlin-Moabit, because they had spread on a central place for free for maternity people.

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