Life is already in the clubhouse, with aliens and the end of corona

Screenshot "Our Wonderful Nature: The Common Chameleon"

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

Now it will be solemn: It sounds the pommernong, interpreted by Philipp Amthor for the paced hour in the Clubhouse. And let’s go.

Yes, it was indeed the most secular moment in the still short history of this quassel app in Germany, even more than the rhetorical slip-up of the Thuringinger-Minister Prosident and Game Freaks Bodo Ramelow. Unfortunately, only Apple users of Amthor could live live. But that probably makes the special supposedly elitent charm of this app, which has developed in a short time to the last hot Scheil in the net – although it is basically nothing else than a completely entertaining way of co-radio for everyone. (What can Clubhouse?To)

Amazing just, how much time some people spend daily in the clubhouse, to get others when talking, arguing, discussing discussing. What else happens there, the author Sophie Passmann summarizes in a short video.

Almost as solemn as Sangesbruder Amthor is the choir, who trallert in this video "Switching the TV" – and the mind. And these anonymous ladies and gentlemen, the latter can no longer sat their seeds for the Gluck, advertise for the conscription channel KLA.TV, which also dreams of Youtube. Uber this club has already reported in May BR24.

Screenshot "Immortal Machine"

Crop "Switching the TV": A hub’s classic. And a great collection of all Swedish crime dramas. In American television, in the show of Seth Meyers, Bernie Sanders, who chatted there among other things about his iconic appearance at the inity of Joe Biden. Here, the prices for Sanders’ Hubsches outfit.

After our trip to the world of fashion now a bit of Taktok, the platform for young teenagers: This mask is really deprived. A Famous Lifehack. And so you find yourself when you see hours Tiktok videos.

Screenshot "Duck.Exe Has Stopped Working"

Before we relax in the relaxation room of the Clubhouse, quickly the reader tips: shock on the toilet, snow tetris, car snackers, snow brace, inferno live and the isley brothers.

At the end of the short run: the ozzy man, the 80s, a bit confusion, singles in times of Corona, short film "Our Wonderful Nature", owl Raven, Pee-Wee Park, short film "Immortal Machine", LEGO VS. Hero of the stones, Aliens want to destroy us?, Duck.Exe Has Stopped Working, The Mayonnaise Diet, Monocle Trager, The Best Videos 2021, Joe Biden VS. pen. And the closing point sets: So ends Corona. And now it goes off in the Clubhouse midday sleeper. silence Please!

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