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In 61 out of 81 German Grobstadt, the number of reversed road users has tended to fall in the past five years. A continuously constant racy, however, can none of the studied city with more than 100.Show 000 inhabitants. This has revealed the study "CityCheck Traffic Safety", which the transport club Germany (VCD) has presented on Wednesday in Berlin. It was particularly gratifying that there were no traffic deaths in Pforzheim, Reutlingen and Trier in 2009.

On average, road safety has developed in Bochum since 2004, the VCD announced. Since then, the Ruhrbietstadt has increased by average by 5.27 percent. The risk of being injured or to be hurt in a traffic accident in no other city in North Rhine-Westphalia as small as in Bochum. "Obviously, our recipe is successful from network work, consistent pursuit of main accident causes and intensive pravention from kindergarten to the seniors," explained Bochums Police Director Manfred Kibbas.

As a negative example, Siegen: There, the average denial has risen by 5.47 percent since 2004. The VCD has recommended the municipality to examine the growing interests more precisely and to fix the causes. In order to improve road safety, the city of Siegen had installed additional traffic lights and Fubgangeruberweges among other things.

The statistical examination of the VCD is intended to encourage the Grobstadte in Germany to intensify its traffic safety work and thus reduce the number of inflates. Overall, the accident numbers in Germany are jerking. However, the VCD federal carrier Kerstin Haarmann pointed out that in 2009 averaged in 2009, averaged almost 1100 people in the strain traffic. Also, the danger for each individual is still very high, in a traffic accident to come to life, emphasized Haarmann.

Nationwide, in the past year, 4154 people have been killed in the strain traffic, as the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden has finished in advance. In the long term, the VCD wants to bring the number of traffic deadlines with his declaration work to zero. "That this is feasible in coarse dates, Pforzheim, Reutlingen and Trier have shown last year," said the Federal Transporter of the Transport Club.

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