Less and more

Less and more

Vienna, 12. May 2014 – At the Vienna Motor Symposium, VW presented its tarpaulin for the future. The motto of Wolfsburg: less is more. The goal of VW development board Heinz-Jakob Neuber is "Efficiency and lifting spab to unite".

First insights existed on the newly developed two-liter biturbo TDI with 240 hp power. He is intended for the new Passat, who debut in the fall of 2014. As a study, the Golf R 400 was already admired. The production version is fueled by a two-liter TSI with 400 hp. So far, the VW dual-clutch transmissions do not tolerate more than 500 nm maximum torque. This shortcoming is to eliminate a new ten-course DSG.

One-liter Ottomotor with 200 Nm in Golf and Polo

With the E-Gulf and the Gulf Gte, VW is currently driving in terms of electric and hybrid forward. The fuel cell is already prepared for integration in the gulf. VW sees the primary challenges but still in the topic availability and storage of hydrogen. Looking at conventional internal combustion engines, the company relies on downsizing. New are two three-cylinders: a diesel with 1.4 liter displacement and a TSI gasoline engine with a liter of displacement.

The three-cylinder TSI comes from the EA-211 engine family, which currently includes, among other things, charged four-cylinder with 1.2 and 1.4 liters of displacement. New is the in the inventory variant with further developed charge change and injection components. The 1.0 TSI should first be used in the polo and golf. With turbocharging and direct injection, the engine in the Golf is 115 hp, in the polo it will be 95 hp (as BlueMotion TSI) and 110 hp. The maximum torque is between 160 and 200 nm. Based on the new aggregate, it should also give a natural gas variant.

For Polo and Golf, the new 1.4-liter TDI is provided with three cylinders. It is part of the so-called modular diesel construction box (MDB). The EU-6 Aggregate Lost in the just overworked polo the previously different coarse diesel. There are art uniform engines with 75 and 90 hp performance, the version with 105 hp remains reserved for the gulf. The torque span ranges from 210 to 250 nm. Overall, the new three-cylinder should be up to 30 kilograms easier than their operations with four cylinders.

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