Lenovo tab p11: beginner tablet costs 250 euros

Lenovo Tab P11: beginner tablet costs 250 euros

Last August Lenovo had introduced the Tablet Lenovo Tab P11 Pro – a half-year year later the base variant without the name additive "Per". The Lenovo Tab P11 is a technically significantly slimmed variant of the tablets presented last year. This results in a significant price reduction: the TAB P11 Pro cost to the start 700 euros, the Tab 11 should cost only 250 euros.

This aggressive price reduction is associated with qualitary bubes in the display. The Tab P11 has a slightly smaller screen with 11 inches with 1.200 × 2.000 pixels also lower roots. The DISPLAY OF TAB P11 is an IPS, not like TAB 11 PRO to an OLED panel.

Heartstuck of the Tab P11 by Lenovo is a snapdragon 662 with twice four cores, which are available in the most favorable export 4 GB of memory. The internal storage space lies depending on the export between 64 and 128 GB. It can be extended by microSD card. The battery has a capacity of 7500 mAh.

Pen and keyboard

At a price of 250 euros not self-ared: the Lenovo Tab P11 are both a stylus and a keyboard cover for tapping, which must be purchased for a three-digit amount for many other tablets. The Lenovo Tab P11 should still be available in January.

Nevertheless, Tab P11 is not the most favorable tablet that Lenovo has on offer. Also last August, the Chinese manufacturer was committed to different variants of Tab M10 HD 2, which sometimes cost only 160 euros. Compared to Tab P11, these models have a smaller display, a significantly lower resolution and a weaker processor.

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