L + f: children chopped linux mint

L + F: Children chopped Linux Mint

Four wild-tipping, mouse-clicking children’s band have made it last month to avoid the screensaver lock by Linux Mint. That of two little ones "Hack" Discovered purely random "Screensaver Lock By-Pass", which brought the screensaver process to crash, has meanwhile fixed.

Screen keyboard crashed operating system

The proceeding of the lock screen managed twice – but only the two children of a Mint user who do not reproduce the scenario himself and therefore could first describe it only vague in a bug report at Github.

The developer community accepted the topic and could finish the underlying mistake. He put in the on-screen keyboard (libcaribou) The desktop environment Cinnamon. To trigger the screensaver crash, it only required one letter: the simple input of "ē" By on-screen keyboard, depending on the Cinnamon version not only brought the screensaver, but the complete desktop environment to crash.

Meanwhile, patches are for mint 19.X, Mint 20.X and the Debian-Edition LMDE 4 available.

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