Konrad zuse museum in planning

"Association Zuse Park" Grounded in Berlin – Bill Gates should pay

In Berlin, a museum is to be built, which is dedicated to the memory of the German Computer Pioneer Konrad Zuse (1910 – 1995). In any case, this is the goal of the association Zuse-Park, which was founded the day before yesterday at the Funken Death Day Zuses in the Reichstag.

The club is at this point "A media-famous tourist attraction of world rank" before. It should not only add the life of the Berlin inventor Konrad, but also document the history of the computer. From the calculation machine from Leibniz to the present, the development of the computer should be described. The museum wants to offer multilingual events as well as special and hiking exhibitions. Among other things, the company is supported by the SPD Bundestag deputy Jorg Taususs.

Franz Schulz, Burgermeister of Kreuzberg and even by profession physicist, the idea finds "exceptionally exciting". A museum on the intended basic piece, however, he "little realistic". Because still growth in the princess in the Methafesselstrae of the Council wine of the Kreuzberger district office, whose cultivation also ensures some very valuable workplaces in Kreuzberg. But above all, such a museum should not be organized by a private association, but integrated into the Kreuzberger Technikmuseum.

Add to the German inventor of the computer. He constructed the first functional, program-controlled calculation machine Z1 in 1938 at the age of 28 years. 1940/41 followed the first electromechanical computers Z2 and Z3 as well as 1945 the program Plankalkulculat, a pre-channel of today’s programming languages. After the Second World War he founded a separate company. Auber computers also obey an adjustable carton and a mechanical tower to Zuses inventions.

The famous Z1, a purely mechanical computer, built Zuse in the resident of his parents in the Kreuberger MethafleStrain without the support of a university or a company. The house at the driveway to the Schultheiss brewery was destroyed during World War II. A memorial plaque is reminiscent of the neighboring house in Zuges invention. A replica of the Z, whose construction additionally monitored itself, is in the Kreuzberg Museum for transport and technology.

In the financing of the museum, the Zuse club hopes for Bill Gates. A "double-digit million amount" Will Bernd Tillmann, the Second Chairman of the Association and Former Personal Speaker Zuses, elicit the richest man in the world for the museum: "Finally, nobody has benefited from Konrad Zuses inventions as gates", he finds.

Konrad, who was also a passionate painter, had painted a picture of gates shortly before his death, which he submitted him in 1995 at the CeBIT. That’s why you look at Absere-Park now on a coarse donation from Redmond. Otherwise, you want to see you with various German foundations for support. "There is enough money in the German computer community to support such a museum", Anyway, believes Tillmanns.

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