Justic candal in iceland under the direction of “commissioner ball flash”

JUSTIC CANDAL IN Iceland under the direction of'kommissar kugelblitz'

Tightroduction. Image: Police Iceland / National Archive

In 1977, six Icelandic nationals were sentenced to high prison sentences due to murder. The judiciary warranted after 41 years to appeal. Now the participation of German investigators in the view

The mysteriosis disappear from Guðmundur Einarssson and Geirfinnur Einarsson 45 years ago, the Icelandic publicity is still busy today. Both did not know the insights, their trap were only linked to each other in the context of the investigation. The manners are said to death, according to the acceptance of the Icelandic police at a distance of eleven months to death and buried. Their bodies were never found.

First of all, the 20-year-old Saevar Ciesielski, Father, was all the same-level partner Erla Bolladottir and four more young Islander’s visor of the investigators. The then government had a rough interest in an early degree in particular of the Geirfinnur case, because the police investigations demanded involvements of the then Minister of Justice Olafur Johannesson in circle of organized criminality. Iceland therefore came into a government crisis, in a new election and a victory of the Social Democratic Party had stood NATO membership of the country on the game.

BKA boss Horst Herold provides support

The government decided to advance the aggregate investigation using the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). The author in Wiesbaden was then conducted under the direction of the President Horst Herold, who mediated the contact between the Icelandic ambassador and the 64-year-retired Oberskommissar Karl protection on the edge of a NATO meeting in Athens in the summer of 1976. The freshly baked pensioner then took over the management of the Icelandic investigation team, which was then from around a dozen criminal officials.

In Germany, protection was at this time as "Commissioner ball flash" known. He is obvious "Fuse group Bonn", the in the "Mirror affare" 1962 the headquarters of the leaf had searched and occupied. Protection also determined to the soldier macers in Lebach and Father in the State Protection Department on the Red Army Group.

Until its retirement, protection led the preliminary investigation and evaluation professionals of the BKA in Bad Godesberg (and has been only maby according to a report of the mirror). BKA boss Herold had offered the government in Rejkjavik to use the forensic laboratories of the BKA for the Icelandic investigations.

JUSTIC CANDAL IN Iceland under the direction of'kommissar kugelblitz'

Tilling sketch based on false constrictions.

BKA laboratory remains unsuccessful

Protection then sent parts of the interior of a VW cafers used in the alleged murders, a knife and clothing of the suspicious, carpet residues and blood samples for examining the BKA. This results from investigative records that are searchable online.

The possible evidence should be at the BKA on blood traces and "Handlings of vomit or feces" to be examined. With any one of the objects a goal was achieved, no further detections were found. Protection, which reported his steps regularly to the Icelandic newspapers, therefore focused on the graphological examination of entries in a gaste book, which has become known in the context of the investigation.

The signatures were also no agreement, which did not lead to the relief of the suspicious. In a note wrote the BKA, which could be forced in custody "deliberate" have been. Protection then arranged, Icelandic school documents "if possible completely since 1900" to obtain to compare the font used by the accused.

Protection addiction "Revocation"

The forensic examinations did not lead to the demand for investigation. In a note, protection that did not spoke Icelandically, the shaky evidence against the accused. Accordingly, the investigators had to find out, "whether the process of action may be educated or appointed or took place with the security sufficient to condemn".

The Oberskommissar A.D. Therefore, relocated to the revaluation of the "partly different and opposed statements" In the investigation procedure. The investigators satisfied the interrogation protocols in a so-called "Room supply system" togetherness. With the method the investigation group wanted "Demonstrate" and "Revocation" recognize.

Under the direction of Prasident Herold, the BKA had built electronic data processing from 1971. In the context of this computerized police work, insights could be indexed and searched. Similar way, protection in Iceland had created a register and processed traces in the Girfinnur case.

Insulation and torture

Until the delegation of the investigation by Karl Protection, the six arrested were already heard dozenfach, still followed by further verification. The detainees were subjected to one up to two-yearly insulating, one of them has been described as torture.

In doing so, the investigators reported reports and waterboarding. The disparities were administered, hypnotic and psychoactive drugs, it should have traded around Mogadon, Diazepam and Chlorpromazine.

After around 200 interrogations, some of the accused finally abandoned gradients, which they have changed and revoked several times.

"An alpine from the Icelandic people"

JUSTIC CANDAL IN Iceland under the direction of'kommissar kugelblitz'

Protection Stop the intentions obtained under torture in a note for true.

At a press conference in early February 1977, a little more than five months after the determination of the investigation, protection explained the supposed murders for clarified. "You have taken an alpine prere from the Icelandic people", became "Commissioner ball flash" According to the mirror by the Minister of Justice Olafur Johannesson praised.

However, the investigators found neither a murder weapon, nor other forensic evidence such as fingerprints, blood, hair or skin. Also none of the accused had a motive. Nevertheless, the six were sentenced by a court in Iceland in December 1977 for murder. Two of them received lifelong, against the incurred the judges filed prison terms between 15 months and 16 years. Iceland’s highest court has confirmed the judgments in 1980 and partly lowered the punishment.

Comprisale after 41 years

Some of the convicts have since unsuccessful the resumption of the procedure. Only the Links-Grune Justice Minister Ogmundur Jonasson ordered the examination of the case in 2011. The results of the Working Group Matches finish in the renegotiation.

On the 27th. September 2018, 41 years after their first condemnation, the then defendants Sævar Ciesielski, Kristjan Viðar Viðarsson, Tryggvi Rúnar Leifsson, Albert Klion Skaftson, Guðjon Skarpheðinsson, were scornfully acquitted and rehabilitated.

Only the verdict for Erla Bolladottir remained because of I meaning, together with her daughter also fights for rehabilitation. For two of the convicted, the obstacular justice comes to Spat, they are deceased.

Forensics scientist demands work-up

According to a police spokesman, new investigations were followed by the disappearance of Guðmundur Einarlsson and Geirfinnur Einarsson. Accordingly, there are also new testimonies.

With the abolition of the judgments, the role of the BKA must also be examined in the investigation. Calls Gisi Guðjonsson, who involved as an expert for false graduation at the working group to work up the convictions. The forensics scientist describes the dynamics of false statements than "Memory Distrust Syndrome", if the accused are confronted in isolationally again and again with alleged acts until they keep and confirm them true for true.

Karl protection (in the middle).Image: Police Iceland / National Archive

Order for BKA and the Ministry of Interior

After completing the investigation, the Icelandic Government had a gross effort to thank German criminalists. Protection was given for the supposed termination of the trap and the associated rescue of the government the Order "Grand Knight’s Cross", One of the highest awards of the Government of Islands. Ex-BKA Prasident Herold was with the "Grand Cross with a star" awarded, also the State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Siegfried Hergenhlich received a medal. He had assisted protection at the investigation.

Protection is like herald probably deceased, a subsequent investigation of the cooperation of the BKA in the Icelandic investigation is therefore complicated.

The above BKA-belongings, which were involved in the Icelandic investigation and also received awards from Iceland, are no longer alive. Among them were the head of the scientific department in the BKA Horst Hilmar Bliesen, the Kriminal Director Ekkehard Kissling and the former government criminal director Christfried Leszczynski.

"Forged to the hurry, clutter forged"

The subsequent processing required by Guðjonsson also had the circle of "Old Charlottenburger" illuminate, the network of former official of the Reich Criminal Police Office in National Socialism, which were tatig until the 1960s in Westdeutsche Criminal Americans. From this milieu also came to a high staff of the 1975 Equipped BKA department "terrorism", which the previously existing departments "Public protection" and "Fuse group Bonn" supplement. First boss of this new "Department T" became a close familiar of protection with Gerhard Boen.

The Fruhere BKA Prasident Hans-Ludwig Zachert, who like protection "Fuse group Bonn" Hamed, also refers to the protection of protection and celebrated until the current century "Spreading", In the high BKA official with ministers and the federal prosecutor "occasionally forged at the edge of the clot forged or discussed conspirations" have. Maybe the posting of protection to Iceland was incorporated there.

The judicial scandal is known in Iceland under the name Guðmundur and Geirnur-Case. In 2014, the BBC calls him one of the "shocking failure of justice that Europe has ever seen". In 2016, the photographer Jack Latham gave the photo band "Sugar paper theories" out. Further details described in 2017 the movie "Out of Thin Air", which can be seen in a long-catching on YouTube. Under the title "scandal" has now processed the German filmmaker Boris Quatram the investigation. One of his protagonists commented on the use of Karl protection with the words, this does not have the trap, "but should end".

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