Judge: labor law also applies in the home office

Judge: Labor Law also applies in the home office

A statutory entitlement to HomeOffice holds in accordance with the Prasident’s Prasident of the Thuringer Landesarbeitslicht, Susanne Engel, also risks for workers. "HomeOffice does not mean, free from every forced", said angel of the dpa. At work at the home desk, the workers’ protection rights had to be considered as well as in the Buro. This concerns about working conditions, working time or occupational safety and data protection.

"HomeOffice actually regulates only where is being worked." The rules of the game and the circumstances, under which are being worked, had to correspond to those in operation, said the lawyer. It can not be that workers in the Buro sit on a high-adjustable desk and at home on a tranish stool at the cake table.

The social gift is important in the joint work. "Anyone who understands as a collective in a company also takes rights collectively – for example via the operating rate." If entire workforce only sab at home, all these aspects were lost and thus a certain power of employee representatives, said angels. In addition, the joint work also ensures a better exchange of a certain creative potential.

"Nobody regulates"

Another danger sees the court’s prison in the self-exploitation in the home office. "Nobody is there that regulates one." Another topic is the ideal accessibility. The cultural change and the self-mortal office in the home office therefore had to be accompanied.

"I carry out HomeOffice where it is possible to arrange family and care with the profession", said angel. She pointed out that after office attributable to the Landesarbeitsgericht 2018, she met a service agreement for mobile work.

Unruly employer

Federal Minister of Hubert Heat (SPD) wants to enshrine the right to work from home and submit a new law by the fall. However, under the employers, the tarpaulin stobers on little counter-love. Also from the ranks of the Union fraction, there is criticism of the project.

According to a survey, the Corona crisis has changed every third staff to the HomeOffice. 35 percent gave in the first of April to work partially or completely from home, as the German Institute of Economic Research on the basis of the socio-economic panels determined.

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