Javascript: kendoreact 4.0 support react 17

JavaScript: KendoreAct 4.0 supports React 17

Progress has published version 4 of its tool for developing user interfaces (UI) KendoreAct. The commercial library is aimed at React developers and consists of UI and data visualization components.

Among other things, the new features of KendoreAct numbers are the support for Facebook’s FACEBULSE JAVASCRIPT library React 17, which was released only this week, and updating the presentation options for the Avatar component. Over the package manager NPM, developer KendoreAct packages can add to your applications.

License required

One of the main innovations is that KendoreaT is now prompted with the fourth major version all users (test users as well as developers with license) when adding the library to their RACT projects for entering a license connection. The browser gives a warning message in the console.

The key is achieved on the one hand by registering for a free trial or on the other by purchasing a license. For activation, the blog contribution to the Environment offers a detailed manual.

The update removes, among other things, outdated dropdowns and buttons, such as the button type "bare". In addition, the update brings some innovations for the layout. Clear information on the fourth major version of the UI library for React can be found in the Changelog.

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