Iphone 13: apple releases production allegedly significantly high

IPhone 13: Apple releases production allegedly significantly high

Apple expects a good iPhone autumn 2021: The Group has commissioned the production of around 90 million stucco the next generation of the smartphone on suppliers by the end of the year, such as the Financial News Agency Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

It is a significant jump compared to previous years in which Apple each produce around 75 million new iPhones for sales start. In addition to the latest, customized iPhone generation, Apple also sold alternary model series, whose production volumes are not available so far.

Huawei leaves LUCKE on smartphone market

Apple wants to make the LUCKE FULLEN, which the manufacturer Huawei causes due to US sanctions and coronapandemia in the smartphone market, like Bloomberg Calling on an informed person writes.

After analysts, the Somewhat Father in the autumn 2020 has reduced the iPhone 12 after about six sales months in the resuming early year, the 100 million mark exceeded. It is already considered the most successful iPhone model of recent years. The OLED displays in the cheaper non-Pro model as well as the support for 5G networks accused the demand, and Apple sets a new housing design.

iPhone 13 with smaller innovations

That was allowed to remain unnecessary – as well as the offered display-gross – at the iPhone 13. However, a reduction of the "Notch" – The striking stitch on the upper front, which offers space for camera and sensors – to expect the report.

In at least one model variant of the iPhone 13, Apple is expected to use a variable image repeated LTPO display, which was allowed to rang up to 120 Hertz, thus making a more fluent presentation of animations. To deflude the battery life, the refresh rate can also be significantly reduced when the static content displays display, this at Apple "Pro Motion" mentioned technique is already in the iPad Pro. As maybe Apple was allowed to integrate a more powerful A-chip as well as working the camera system, especially for video recordings, improvements in the optical zoom should be expected, according to the Financial News Agency.

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