India: handcoat sentenced to prison sentence

The Islamists had shotgotten a university teacher because he used a text in a congress in which a schizophrenic named Muhammad talks to his imagination he "God" is called

Yesterday, a court sentenced in the Sudwest Indian state of Kerala 13 Islamists to prison sentences between three and eight years, because they are at the preparation and execution of the mutual illusion of the former university teacher T.J. Had involved Joseph. Whether you are the verdict of a so-called "Taliban court" enforced, could not be completely clarified in the process.

The act that is already backed for five years took her run, as students distributed airlines and organized demonstrations on which they claimed, the then teaching officer for the Dravidic Language Spoken in Kerala had in a semester final exam at the Catholic Newman College in Thodupuzha in Marz 2010 Used a text that has been insulting the Islamic religious sticker. Catholic denied this and pointed out that he had taken the passage in which the Prussia Kommata had taken a textbook approved by the Newman College.

India: Handcoat sentenced to prison sentence

Languages in India. Map: Telepolis

In the dialogue, the Malayamspeaky filmmaker P.T. Kunju Muhammad had thought for his movie Garshom appeared in 1999, speaks a schizophrenic with himself and asks for an imaginary God as he should divide mackerel. The sought after, which his brain is formed, is obviously so annoyed by the stylish questions that he has the question "Son of a bitch" and one "dog" is called. At the scene he also in his textbook Methodology of script writing quoted, dear p.T. Kunju Muhammad according to own information by a real schizophrenic, which he had impaired on the strain edge in such a dialogue.

Joseph called the schizophrenic in his exam "Muhammad" – According to own information, he wanted to relate to the filmmaker. The radical students were very interested in this explanation. After the local press reported on the case, the Newman College suspended the teaching officer and the police initiated investigations due to suspicion of punishable blasphemy. For this purpose Joseph was even arrested for a short time, but remained spared after payment of a deposit of the detention.

Radical Islamists did not submit that. They provided that Joseph on the 4. July 2010 on the way to his Catholic church was dragged from eight manners from his car and kept his hand choppy. Because that happened at the bright day and because a prudent neighbor grabbed the hand immediately in ice, were the hand at the Nirmala hospital hand in a sixteenth surgery again. After that, however, Joseph lost his post on Newman College (despite an acquittal in the blasphemy procedure), which leads to financial difficulties, in which his wife converted.

The tatters, which partly in 1.Hidden 100 kilometers away Bombay, were first determined gradually. In documents and data carriers they confiscated in house and bury sightings, the investigative authorities found indications of wire in the Muslim Party PFI. Other Muslim organizations such as the Indian Union Muslim Leage (IUML) condemned the attack on Joseph as "Unislamic".

In Kerala, only about 55 percent of the almost 35 million inhabitants Hindus are. The proportion of Muslims (25 percent) and Christians (20 percent) is high here than in other Indian states. Currently, Kerala is ruled by a coalition among the Congress Party, which has changed since the 1950s with the Communists. The Hindu Party BJP, which has been governed by New Delhi since the last year, raises two parties, in the fight against Islamic extremism in Kerala completely failed and have created a danger of India. In the election campaign she had repeatedly referred to the case Joseph, who served her as one of the most important evidence.

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