In kiev the fear of the militias

Will be found that the right-wing extremists could cross the prasident

Who not equipped with glazing only on the "Terrorist" and Russians looked, but also a critical view of the Ukrainian politics threw, had already seen at the Maidan protests that the Alliance between violent right-wing extremists and the opposition parties, which was a right-wing extremist party, to which with Swoboda also a right-wing extremist party was Brisant. At the latest with the rejection of the Agreement of the Parties with the Yanukovyg government on a peaceful transition solution through the Maidan activists had had to be clear that the militants raised in the shadow of the movement may be a danger of peaceful and democratic development.

Because Moscow always spoke of a coup and fascists in Kiev, perhaps, perhaps due to the recognizable disadvantage to keep himself on agreements, the Crimea fastened quickly to the Russian Federation, became more and more to the enemy in the west of Russia, during Kiev Only the good residents. The problem of the participation of also armed right-wing extremists and legalistic groups and parties to the government in Kiev or. whose power on the strain, was systematically hidden.

Even when in Kiev was decided to make militarically against the Prorussian protests in Eastern Ukraine "Anti-terroronation" masked so as not to talk about a burger war, the West did not grab the migrant. Then it was attempted to govern the militant Maidan activists to control state by calling for the National Guard, where they violence against the "Terrorist" and could further pursue their nationalist ideology. The militants from the right sector did not want to occur there, but they did not want to give their weapons. There were conflicts between police and law sector. For the west and many western media no topic, not even given the passes in Odessa.

Because the Ukrainian army was not ready for fighting, but the soldiers were not always willing to act against their Ukrainian compatriots with tanks and heavy weapons, the problem with the Storran militants, by the government the formation and calling of militias, called battalions, In love and recognized, which were sent with and in addition to the dispute to the east. Some oligarchs also emerged that made such militias and became a kind of warlord. Furthermore, no problem for the West, even then, as reports haughted that these militia started human rights violations and war crimes. In the elections to Parliament, the old and new parties tore to involve leaders of these militias in them, knowing that they have power already due to the armed combination. In the west, one calmed down by pointing out that the right sector or Swoboda is barely voiced. But they are liable for a few thousands of militants who are armed and aggressive are also a power. The disarmament of the militias requested in the Geneva agreements was only related to the Eastern Ukraine.

Now the problem of right-wing extremists also becomes clear again in Kiev. The prosecutor fears that the Aidar battalion could plan a coup. Olena Yakhno, the spokeswoman of the prosecutor, wrote on her Facebook page: "It’s one thing if you defend our country in the East. It’s something else if you go in the city with weapons, especially in the capital Kiev. I think that’s an inner danger. It is consensus that you act unpredictable. You can export a militar-slip." That is the opinion of the prosecutor. The battalion consists only of a few hundred bugs and is accused of the Amnesty to have committed war crimes.

The Donbas battalion has already set an ultimatum to Prasident Poroshenko and threatened a coup: "When a single city should be abandoned, the prasident will fly from its seat, there will be a coup and the soldiers will take the power." The Members in Rada threatened the commander Taras Konstanchuk, that if they do not decide properly, they were first left the Parliament with the piles.

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