Ig metall: secure shipyards with emission-free custody

IG Metall: Secure shipyards with emission-free custody

The IG Metal Kuste has called for a new mobility concept involving sea trees at the crunches. "We are still inspired that the world’s shipment goods arrive in a coarse harbor and then shift to the rail or the strain", District manager Daniel Friedrich said the German Press Agency. Instead, the goods could be charged on modern and novel ships and then provide in smaller harbor for revival. The drives should be emission arm or emission-free.

Trade over small harbor instead of only on strain and rail

Climate protection and economics had to be brought together, stressed the trade unionist. In view of the ever recurring crises in German and European shipbuilding, the industry can recover the international technology vehicle for their continued existence on this way. The need for a sustainable strategy is immensely: "We will continue to have world trade, a world trade without shipping will not go."

Such considerations did not only have to be employed in shipbuilding, but also in many other industries. "Who believes that the economy can create all this alone is on the wrong track", said Friedrich. State aid is necessary. China is currently showing how a clear industrial policy strategy the economy is technologically steered. "As an industry, we have to go much strongly to this path and work more than against each other", Stressed Friedrich.

Thus, with a view to climate protection in Europe, a rough fleet exchange program is urged urgently. Thus, for example, driving in Europe could be brought to the state of the art and operated emissions. "This was used to secure work on the European shipyards and drive the positive development."

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