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Oppenau, 10. July 2014 – My relationship with French vehicle construction is heavily burdened. In motorsport we can all see that French can mix at the front, that they can be very comfortable. But in production then comes a Peugeot 3008, this "Poh, I do not care!" vehicle construction. You can do it. But they do not do it somehow. That’s like eating. Undisputed the French Kitchen to the best, which can experience a geneie. But try to get track of this food. While it is easy in Italy to find the good food, it is only easy in France to find a shrug to me-after-food food.

Frankophils, of course, know the places where it is good. By contrast, I usually happen to me the best food in France, which makes it all the better. At noon in the Vosges somewhere in a Kaff stopped to meet French lunchtime, otherwise there is nothing left. Four hours later significantly complained again to the motorcycle, facilitates a laughable amount to Oros. Just as random I met the Renault Megane RS. Actually, I held the more practicing, but ultimately worse alternative to the current Golf GTI. In reality, however, he turned out as the far fast quick compact. You can, the values neighbors. If you really want, you can.

A heart, a soul, two cream songs

The first rough detriment: the magnificent engine. This cream piece can do everything. He’s happily turning up, into a hard stuttering limiter, as we want Hools horse him. He has a fleshy-juicy center. And he even pushes from at the bottom with a sameness, the astonishment. The turbo four-cylinder therefore fits perfectly with a quick compact, because that must be everything. In the NEFZ cycle come combined 7.5 liters per 100 km, which can be reached because the engine let go so deeply touring. In the process model, many customers took place around 8 liters in everyday life. A tank finishing in the Black Forest, kicked and stored, ranged to the re-filled (50.4 l) for 272 km, cut consumption so 18.5 l per 100 km. The price of the speed. Who never ride with high continuous speeds: this is not a remarkably good, but normal value in the expected area.

MADAME RS gives very useful switching recommendations on the display in the middle. She always recommends the course, which brings the best acceleration instead of the best consumption. Thoughtless. Consumables are buying a Megane Diesel. On this display are still many more or less interesting things like a stopwatch, and principle the infotainment system works well with the touchscreen, but I did not want to spend 890 euros for that, which costs the stuff in the extra charge list. In addition, the device occasionally crashes completely, which has no effect on the driving company, but the Steffi from the Navi then also wies to the Watchdog at some point the BS newly bootes. The RS monitor with its measurement data for G-powered, printing, slip, times that costs 300 euros. Examples in the picture gallery. I preferred to put the money into a jerky camera (450 euros), because like Opel builds Renault here rear slices with cheeks as in the guardian armor.

The second cream piece is the six-speed gearbox with manual transmission. Richard Hammond has once optimally summarized how a good manual must be: "Like Shaking Hands With At Old Friend" It just fits, no uncertainties, no zahes dining. The paths are short, the switched ducts low, the feedback of the guided exactly. Despite all the hustle and busts, I never passed, even though that happens to me otherwise quite often. Normally, every switching process annoys me, because it interrupts the power flow. In the RS, on the other hand, I sometimes only switched because it was already.

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