If nissan nv200 becomes the new one “london taxi”?

If nissan nv200 becomes the new one 'london taxi'?

London, 7. August 2012 – Already it was for Nissan, pity for nostalgic: New York City wants Nissan now conquer London with his taxis. With the NV200 London taxi, the manufacturer has a new vision of the art "Black Cab" developed. The vehicle should emit significantly less CO2 compared to current taxis – that fits the air quality strategy of the funny London burger master Boris Johnson. After all, in the capital 300.000 passengers per day with the famous black mobile chauffeur.

Place for all

According to Nissan by Mayor Johnson, the idea of the NV200 London Taxi is also buried as of the disabled band and the influential London taxi driver association. The taxi version of the NV200 was entulled in 2011 at the car fair in Tokyo and will be used in New York City from the end of 2013.

In the British taxi scene the Japanese manufacturer is not unknown. The classic London taxi LTI FX4 "Fairway" Black Cab was powered by a 2.7-liter diesel engine of Nissan, also the fairway successor TX1 had this machine under the hood.

Nissan has developed the NV200 London taxi after own information from the inside to the outdoors to offer passengers and drivers a lot of comfort in a spacious interior – especially people with a frosted mobility.

Square for FUNF

The new rental doschke uses the basis of the compact vans nv200, which has been more than 100 countries worldwide since its market importation at the end of 2009 worldwide.Was sold 000 times. The cart offers funf passengers, three of them sit on the Ruckbank, for two more there are folding seats contrary to the direction of travel. Thanks to the sliding Ruckbank, the cargo space is variable and creates room for roller seats. There is no passenger seat, for that can be accommodated at this point. Lateral sliding calendars allow a comfortable entry and exit, a glass roof releases the view upwards.

Small diesel thirst

Even with the operating costs, the NISSAN is intended to have the nose in front of the vehicles currently being used. The drug-outed at 1.5-liter DCI four-cylinder diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission undercuts with a consumption of 5.3 liters to 100 kilometers the most economical version of the current London Taxis TX4 by 50 percent. The CO2 outstock loves to 138 g / km, the TX4 is 209 g / km. After loving tests Inelectously a crash test, the rental Mobile 2012 is expected to receive the complete certification as London taxi.

Electro-NV200 planned

Even more environmentally friendly should be an electrical version of the London taxi. Currently, Nissan leads with all those involved in further investment in a required loading infrastructure to use the electric car E-NV200 as a taxi in the British capital.

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