Ide: microsoft uses visual studio expansion model

IDE: Microsoft uses Visual Studio Expansion Model

Visual Studio, Microsoft’s long-term and central programming environment for developing, among other things Windows, Web and Cloud applications, a new extension model should be received by the extensions more reliable and easier to write. Art Extensions should be used both locally and from the cloud.

In a recent blog post writes Leslie Richardson, Program Manager for Visual Studio Debugging Diagnostics that you are still in the beginning, but even more young supplements such as Github codepaces or git integrations and IntelliCode Team Completions were a simpler and Adaptable development and be accessible from each computer. Here it is important to learn for Visual Studio.

Less abing, more code

The Visual Studio Extensions are a central part in the work with the IDE, the Visual Studio Marketplace currently finds almost 4000 extensions. But despite their popularity, extensions are obviously "hard", and things like inconsistent APIs, a complex architecture and a frequently lack of basic litigation in dealing with the extensions prepare problems up to slowdowns and blatant abandones.

The current concept of the new extension model provides that extensions should probably be better separated from the IDE code. It should "The new model maintains the performance and the advancing possibilities of the user interface of the old system", so richardson.

Feedback requested

"The way to completion of the new expansion model is long", explains Richardson, "And today’s model will not be replaced overnight." One is still in the conceptual phase, so it is very important to obtain feedback in dealing with the extensions. That’s why the developers are happy about comments in the blog post and invite you to participate in a survey.

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