Ice cold facts, heartwarming present

No Aufflieger, but well meant: "Ekky of the penguin and the mountain of knowledge"

In the computer game "EKKY of the penguin and the mountain of knowledge" children learn to know the living conditions in the Antarctic without prescribed index finger. Parents are informed thanks to an additional DVD about the content of the 3D adventure, but should still sit with their offspring in front of the screen.

Two magic fish definitely want to know about grandpa eremides, as it came to the young penguin ekky one day on the way to visit the mountain of knowledge. Well-gravely as it is the old, friendly penguin, he does the two fishing the story: one day, when Ekky did that, what he does every day – to find disappeared penguin babies -, "a strange coarse animal" awakened his attention ..

: "Yippieh!": Find Ekky a lonely penguin baby, then there is a blow for a fifty dots. Screenshot: Frank Magdans

Ekky takes this event (a man on a snowmobile raced past him) to the occasion to travel to the mountain of knowledge, where his coarse father of Eremid lives. This starts the adventure and the player controls the feathered hero. EKKY can run, race, jump, swim and dive. Velvet actions are controlled by mouse, the speed of the figure can be controlled by a mouse click.

After Ekky has collected some points that are symbolically in the form of colorful glowing crystals here and there, it goes into the depths of the ocean. Here, first, Ekky does not pursue a specific goal at his dive. He only has the unspoken order to find stray penguin babies. The player’s white is actually just the fact that individuals of them lonely and leave on one or the other soft.

Although it is about achieving the mountain of knowledge, but the manufacturer is pursuing the manufacturer, VS Digital, the approach to discovering the world of Antarctic. Therefore, Ekky also dives well and like ten minutes or more, with him blob a few jellyfish. Only from the third chapter is a little more momentum into the game. Then Ekky meets fish that drove him underwater to certain places and tell him he should look for one or the other object.

Ice cold facts, heartwarming present

"Look exactly. Find that, "says the green fish. But until the submarine is found, do well and like 20 minutes. Screenshot: Frank Magdans

So free of the frame is, an integral part of the adventure is the mediation of knowledge: on the way Ekky not only collects points, but also knowledge cards. These are called on the key C and keep facts about animals and living conditions of the Antarctic parade. It’s good that the text was set to. Father, in the end, when EKKY has reached OPA Eremides, the substance is picked up. In a quiz, for example, he wants to know how many walls are known or who has set up the theory of continental displacement. How complicated the questions are ultimately, depends on the level of difficulty.

Ice cold facts, heartwarming present

Knowledge cards convey facts so that curious children are not too short. Screenshot: Frank Magdans

Clearing things to learn, while you play, this is an ambitious goal of edutainment manufacturers. The didactic, which hides behind it, is well meant – undoubtedly. However, the implementation in this case is lagging. The children in front of the screen have all the imaginable time to look around to discover things. But that is not so tingling, which is offered to them. Too fast comes impatience as a red thread is missing. Therefore, it had been better to tighten the course of history something. Otherwise, there is little suspense, especially since the voices of the individual characters were beautified very well and give the whole a heartwarming note.

Parents and children who are interested in the computer game can be informed about buying the product via the homepage. There can be sometimes the introduction of the story and a background film. Both video clips are also located on the supplied DVD. Conservation is "ekky of the penguin and the mountain of knowledge" in the book trade. Finally, there is also a picture book and a card game around the penguin – obviously a must in a time in which the media formats are increasingly interlinked.

Ice cold facts, heartwarming present

Not only the crystal promises points, also the shell. Screenshot: Frank Magdans


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