Hydrogen filling station explodes in norway

On Whitsun Monday, the 10. June 2019 is around 17.30 o’clock in Norwegian Sandvika explodes a UN-X hydrogen tank station for cars. This reports the Easter-Rich technology page Futurezone Technology News. At the time of the explosion, it was obviously no customers at the gas station. However, two occupants of a car were slightly injured in the area. Through the force of the explosion, the airbags were drawn.

To loose the self-X-X self-service hydrogen filling station, the fire department had to shut off until Tuesday morning within 500 meters. Also two quick struggles were affected. A lotchrobot was used to cow the hydrogen tanks. Only after a drone flight the risk of further explosions was investigated, the traffic was on Tuesday morning, the 11. June, released again.

UN-X hydrogen tank stations are the most common in Norway and Danemark. They are operated by the Norwegian riding agents. The petrol stations use components of the Norwegian manufacturer NEL as well as the company Praxair, which is now part of Linde AG. The manager of Nel, Jon Andre Løkke, wanted to look at speculation on the cause of the accident Futurezone Do not enter the deadline yet. It was too early to speculate about it. As a precaution, however, another ten gas stations remained closed until they know what had happened. There are 50 hydrogen tank stations worldwide with NEL components in nine countries.

The pretending operating stop of 10 hydrogen tank stations in Norway and Danemark has a number of effects. First of all, the share price of the cash office manufacturer NEL broke strongly because two coarse investors destroy coarse equity quantities. The two hydrogen car market fuels Toyota and Hyundai have announced to provide their Norwegian and Danish customers for the transition time replacement cars. The delivery of the two fuel cell vehicles Toyota Mirai (Test) and Hyundai Nexo (Test) in the two Scandinavian countries is interrupted until the gas stations are open and safe again.

The number of those affected is transparent. In Norway there are currently 160 hydrogen cars. The hydrogen market operator Toyota Mirai was sold seven times in Norway this year. In total are currently 11.000 hydrogen cars worldwide, most of them in Japan and the USA. Round half of all hydrogen cars drive in the US state of California.

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