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A talent-free band conquers the pop charts

Who will not get anything, will be host. That was yesterday. Today you will, if you are nothing and above all, nothing can, nothing. In any case, a four-headed band is called from young people who are neither singing, doing music nor dancing. And still recorded a CD, on the outside of the deposit "One, Two, Three, Four" and a few background noise is nothing to horn for a good three minutes. Nevertheless, your disk has been sold around 3000 times immediately after your publication, which has ranked in the past week for 73 the single charts. And because in these days to the musical nothing of nothingness is still a video on the market, your song will be "nothing" In the hit parades by increasing further.

Anyway, the fans of nothingness are excited in the face of nothing. This proves a look at the customer reviews at, where "nothing" Today in place 602 the sales hit parade stands.

Just crazy! So relaxing…so calm…So long songs. You have never been able to connect a CD so according to. You can turn the system fully open without it hurting! Just buy and so in the charts!

No Daniel-yelling, no Alex-flanged. Perfectly worked out in the nuances, this production does not let any wunches unsatisfied. The superb dynamics and the brilliant-transparent sound color flatter the audiophile ear. The hookline definitely has earwit character, the groove packs an instant and ensures a concentrated motion urge in the area of extremities. Seldom such a good production is belonging.

Nixer has come up with the radio station Project 89.0 digital, the beginning of the year under the motto "Stop with toned art stars, no chance for Mochtegern-Popsternchen" completely talent-free people wanted. Around 3.500 have reported and prove in a precipitation competition that they can not absolutely do nothing. The winner of this loose competition has been determined Marco, Markus, Christian and Stephan, which now on a compulsively humorous website as "Definitely most impressive band of music history" to get presented. And for the necessary attention, the sender himself has taken care of himself by working in his program uninterrupted for the CD of the band.

However, nothing is new that one can do anything and with nothing, but nothing is new. Finally, this action is not just as a parody of casting shows like "Germany seeks the superstar" (DSDS), but she works – albeit rather small format – with the same means. And at all nothing but the nixers have a decisive advantage in comparison to the similar talent DSDS sanging artists, after all, who buys their cd from which weird reasons, which is at least not acoustically absorbed. And that’s more than nothing.

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