How to influence the used car price

Hamburg, 11. February 2011 – for many the purchase of a new car is a special experience. A car, where you can make color, interior and equipment details exactly as you wish it. However, with a lot of extra the purchase price is greatly pushing up. Therefore, the new car purchase should also be asked the question: which extra is paid for resale? And which motorization will not drive the residual value?

The right mab

"The equipment should be according to the segment", Jens Nitschke calls a basic rule and blind: "So no surplus equipment at a small car, but also no Spartan at a premium middle class vehicle." Ansgar Klein from the Federal Association Free car handler (BVFK) in Bonn calls examples: "An air conditioning is actually in all vehicle classes." In contrast, for example, a 1er BMW does not necessarily need a navigation system to achieve a good price as a used price – unlike a BMW X5. "The loss of resale goods high than the price for the system", says small.

Orientation point internet

A similar invoice must be opened in mid-range cars according to Eurotax Schwacken also for extras such as alloy wheels or a sound system. In contrast, leather equipment or xenon light are welcome in many used car buyers. But in the middle class one can still do without them, without dangerous the residual value of his car. In general, the experts advise the experts to buble in the car basics on the Internet: extras that are installed in a coarse part of the vehicles offered are mostly expected in used vehicles.

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