Hannover, 10. April 2013 – The Camping Bulli celebrates its 25. Birthday: After Meanwhile 100.000 built vehicles is the third generation of California on the strain.

Unschanded floor plan since ’88

The history of California has started at the Caravansalon in Dusseldorf 1988. Camping holidays were just in the trend and Westfalia built the motorhome for a long time "joker" Based on the VW T3. Naturally, Volkswagen also wanted a stucco from the cake and presented with the California with its own, also gourmen motorhome. The floor plan of the then expansion is still almost unnecessary: a folding seat for two persons in the rear, which can be converted to the lounger if necessary, and on the left a small cake line with a refrigerator, gas cooker and coil. Optionally, there was a solid high roof or a folding roof.

Second generation with three roof versions

From 1991 to 2003, California was manufactured based on the fourth Bulli generation – the first with front engine -. There was also a variant of a variety of wheelbase, which offered the passengers significantly more space. One of the two known roof versions was a third party with the so-called Compact roof. It allows uphigh and added storage space in the vehicle, but no additional sleeping sites as with the other roofs.

Since 2004 VW itself is home mobile manufacturer

The motorhome 2004 was deducted from the third and today’s current California generation based on the T5. It is the first that is no longer expanded at Westfalia in Rheda-Wiedenbruck, but directly at VW commercial vehicles in Hanover. Innovations in this model, the camping table housed in the sliding tower pays with the adjoining, stowed in the tailgate stowed. The engine palette includes two petrol engineers and five different diesel engines with a range of services from 84 to 204 hp. Since 1988, only the price has remained the same since 1988 – but in different directions: a current VW California costs at least 38.187 euros, at the first generation there were still 39.900 mark.

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