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Nyon (Switzerland), 13. March 2013 – "Complete new driving experience", "Driving as on another star" and "Even old engine journalists are heavily impressed". With sats like this, the XL1 was touted at the Geneva Motor Show. Pr for the coup, the "the most economical car in the world" now also market in small series. The VW XL1 is only to consume 0.9 liters to 100 kilometers. As one of the first I can drive a reederunde in the two-seater lightweight floor.

Video cameras instead of outdoor mirrors

The butterfly stages remind less to a column than a racing pin. The deep seating position and the tightly cut, only in the whole peel seats adjustable in the inclination also. What applies to a sports car also applies to the 3.89 meter short XL1: he should be as brief and as easy as possible. Accordingly, the XL1 with 1.15 meters is even flatter than a Porsche Boxster and with 1.67 meters narrower than a polo. The CW value only amounts to 0.19. The aerodynamics to the victim fell the outdoor mirrors. Video cameras serve as a substitute, as you know it from many studies, but so far from no production vehicle. For the first time, the Zollangsabehmen have given their approval for this. However, the camera system is already the cavation system, but because the screens in the turver clothing sitting much deeper than ordinary outdoor mirrors. Tail window and interior mirrors are completely away.

Driver offs the passenger

The room offer in the cabin of the XL1 goes okay, although the seats for driver and front passenger are sparing and therefore arranged offset one behind the other. The passenger armchair further towards the rear manifested a narrow passenger compartment – and the waiver of a second airbag. There is one only on the driver’s side. The Cockpit held in the cute VW-style is improving anyway. A radio is missing, instead of electric there are windows with crank and assistant systems such as dead angle warning or tracking assistant you are looking for in vain. After all, a tempomat and a navigation system on board, both can contribute to the economical driving, the latter also offers a display on the current energy flow.

Amazing weight

In the stern there is a 120 liter packing pocket, which is less suitable for traveling pack than for the handbag or shopping gravity. This has the side effect that the XL1 can not even take too much additional ballast with it. Empty brings the car 795 kilograms to the scales, which is amazing in comparison with one of the perfectly practical, four-seater small cars of the 60s: a Citroen 2CV weighs 600 kg, a Trabant 601 whose 615, a Renault R4 650 and a VW cafer 730. But admitted these cars consume between six and eight liters and non-existent security between six and eight liters and the small VW still has a heavy battery.

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