Groko agrees new transparency rules

Groko agrees new transparency rules

Find the lobbyist. Interior from the Bundestag. Photo: Ank Kumar / CC BY-SA 4.0

According to dubious masks and lobby activities, deputies should have to reveal more financial entanglements. The club LobbyControl sees his demands at least partially

After the scandals for lucrative businesses with protective masks at the beginning of the Corona pandemic and paid lobbyism, the government fractions in the federal government have agreed on new transparency rules for MPs. Although the self-prescribed rules are sometimes conventional claims of the club LobbyControl, but remain in some points also behind it.

Unlike so far, resources from secondary activities and corporate participations should be from 1.000 Euro with accurate amount will be published, such as Union and the SPD faction on Friday announced. In addition, the deputies of third-party lobby activities against the Federal Government or Bundestag are to be prohibited by law.

That by the Gross Chiefs of the Groben Coalition ("GROKO"), Rolf Mogenich (SPD) and Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) Eccroped corner point paper sees two steps before. Accordingly, a threshold of 1 should continue to be.000 Euro per month for the publication of ancillary incintments, the "Calculation accurate (on Euro and cents)" have to be published. In the claim catalog of LobbyControl, such a lower limit is not provided. So far, however, it is only published in which of a total of ten stages are moving from secondary activities.

Revenue from year-round additional activities should be based on the new Regularium 3.000 Euro per calendar year with accurate amount. So far, this is a threshold of 10.000 EURO.Investments in capital or partnerships are published on the plan of a share of funf percent. So far, this is only valid from 25 percent. Co-operation from such enterprise participations will also be subject.

The deputies must therefore also have the possession of stock options and comparable financial instruments – "Regardless of the question of whether you have a quotible value". Fees for carrier "In connection with parliamentary activity" are prohibited.

One point, which was allowed to be debated in practice, is the statutory ban of the lobbying of the Federal Government or Bundestag paid by third parties. "Questions of concrete demarcation and definition must still be clarified in the legislative process", it’s in the paper.

So far no publication obligation for lobby dates

Not intended has so far a relation to lobby dates in the legislative process, as required by lobbyControl, is the "Lobby Fubprint" to document. "That’s missing", said LobbyControl-Campaigner Timo for a long time on Friday Telepolis. Otherwise he realizes many of the long demands realized.

However, according to the cornerstone paper, it should be prohibited by law "Abuse of membership in the German Bundestag on economic purposes". This is "Already according to the behavioral rules of the German Bundestag inadvertent, but leads to no sanction. We will change the other", it’s in the paper. The acceptance of donations will be banned by Member.

For certain rule assistance, a stimulation of the revenue achieved is provided for certain rules, including ordinals are threatened. In addition, the criminal law paragraph is to be reformed to Members’ Report and Intogality. "The coalition will suggest temporary regulations for more transparency in the party law", It is called.

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