Great britain has its own camp x-ray

Lively buried in the concrete bunker of high security hospitality belmar

Great Britain paid to the first countries, which is known about the detention conditions of Al-Quaeda prisoners on the American military object in Guantanamo Bay, known as "Camp X-Ray", complement. However, the Foreign Ministry was only active after it has become known that there are also three British among the prisoners. Since the weekend, however, the discussion about British Muslims is no longer to rest, which are imprisoned in the high-security hospital Belmarsh in Sudost-London.

The weekly Observer had laughed at the alarm bells last Sunday. For weeks now there are eight terror-conventional in the high-security hospital Belmarsh. Gareth Peirce, lawyer of some of the interns, and a handful of parliamentary members of the opposition had brought the bitter detention conditions to the open. The prisoners are 22 or 23 hours a day in their cells, without possibility of exuding of corpers. According to Peirce, they are insulted by their warakers and beaten. The possibility to comply with the obligation to prayer to Islamic regulations is not given, only once a week, on Friday, may be prayed for 15 minutes. Entertainment with visiting family members in Arabic is only possible in the presence of an arab-speaking supervisor. Contact with a lawyer have most of them recently. The premieges ranges to systematic spottings and humiliations in regular comprehensive compilation.

Almost worse than the detention conditions itself is the legal basis on which the internment was carried out. This is given with an addition to the anti-terror law of 2000, which after the 11.September was adopted and it allows the state to unscrew terrorism-supposed no indefinite time. The clause, which is in contradiction to human rights clarifications and gear standards and practices, is only applicable to persons who are not British State Burgers, but at the same time can not be deported because of their homeland death or torture threatened. Interior Minister David Blunkett had understood the internment without an indictment as a middle thing between necessity in the fight against terror and rare derogation for sale, the law had gone without too increased resistance by the lower house and the House of Lords.

In practice, however, it looks very different. Above all, it is applied to Muslim political agitators, against which no direct evidence is available for participation or supporting terrorist deeds. If this evidence was present, then goods with the already very DRAKONIC TERRORISMSTEIT Handhhe passed to accuse the suspicious. But so these are in a legally near-one situation in the democratic free world – to be imprisoned indefinitely, without the fact that they had been charged superimposed against them. According to the lawyer Peirce, this situation is exploited by the Warat. Without encouragement, they clearly make the prisoners that their situation has no foreseeable end. Since there is no charge, the only legal handle is an appeal against the internment, which is not by a court with law and sworn, but only by appendages in a unstable procedure.

After the first wave of the criticism, the Ministry of the Interior declared that the conditions of detention are the same as for all enhancements of the highest security level. The liberal England seemed to be calmed down and turned back to other problems. Not the Muslims. At the beginning of this week, there was a series of arrests against people of Islamic faith in Leicester, which practiced in a previously hardly known mosque. A number of British al-Quaeda-suspects were said to this mosque. More than a dozen people were arrested in a coarse-extended raid. The coarse part of them has now been released again and the remaining in detention will be charged to unbound immigration laws. But the displeasure among the Muslims is no longer to be carved. Even the Ehrwurdige Muslim Council, a support of the British society and always considered balancing, turned against the practice of interns without charge. Young Muslims, however, are only radicalized by this procedure. Although often born and raised here, they can not be used as a British. The mood was the author Faisal Bodi in a comment for the newspaper The Guardian, who wrote, "We do not have a loyalty to this state".

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