Gitlab 13.3 sets focus on security and faster release workflows

Gitlab 13.3 focuses on security and faster release workflows

The version management platform GITLAB is in version 13.3 appear. The new release sets the focus on security features and simple means, causing code more. Finally, the POD Health Dashboard Administrators should reduce the number of context switches. Hierfer, all pod health primitives of Kubernetes are found in this dashboard.

Fuzz testing as well as dynamic and static testing

The innovations in the security area include so-called coverage-guided applications for continuous fuzz testing, which should make it easier to uncover and resolve weaknesses in C, C ++ and Go efficiently. Here is the suppure of fuzzy from about two months ago. Another Security Aspect is the general availability of the SAST Analyzers (Static Application Security Testing). These help to easily recognize frequent security ies when transferring code and "proactive" fix.

In addition, it has been working to make the Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAY) from the GUI from more convenient. More important, however, is that the existing persons are evidently eliminating vulnerabilities faster by working with the new guidelines on security swallowing the DAST edition.

New Build Matrix for Faster Release Workflows

The new build matrix is designed to make the construction of powerful workflows easier, according to the principle of defining locks and values once and then release multiple times. Teams can evidently increase the speed by measuring throughput of Merge Requests, which are now available in the MR Analytics Dashboard. In addition, the Respests Responsible now can now integrate code faster by confirming that their code review requests have been answered. This step becomes transparent via the Compliance Dashboard. MAINTAINER can also propose your contributors a so-called squash commit policy. Finally, rollouts with the newly named feature flag strategy called Percentage of Users seem to perform more specific and controlled.

Who deeper into the innovations of Gitlab 13.3 mooded, the blog envision should take as a starting point. The same name behind the platform speaks of 69 new features.

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