Germany’s first doctor on the internet

… and again offline?

For the first time in Trier, a dentist has set a homepage with information and as an advertisement for practice on the Internet – a violation of the professional order. A professional association threatens.

On the 25th. June of this year, the dentist Michael Vorbeck from Trier had made a homepage. Already on the 7. July saw the Federal Reservus of Trier "forced", to deal with this practice representation. This is the advertising of the unauthorized kind, so you came to a result, which is why you asked Vorbeck, this "immediately" to adjust, you can see this in this "Serious incremental violation against the Career Code", The Management Board initiated a professional court procedure at the Rheinland-Pfalz Council Komeland.

Vorbeck has undoubtedly good for design paid. His team, its services with prices, the opening times of the practice and toothbrushing techniques are next to one "Shop", Information about Amalgam or the offer present, the Internet entertainment "Confidential and free" send an email and have advice. Obviously, he also likes to look at himself, because everywhere one encounters the females and grinning doctor on the sides. To ask the visitors to walk through, there is also one "Contest": Who finds a warburst, maybe get an electric tooth burst. Since we are completely happy. A well-friendly painter he aborts his pictures of Teething forwards and links are offered.

Of course, the homepage of the dentist on the net, and flight has published the letter of the Medical Chamber and a forum. Visitors are asked to pay their opinion about whether a doctor can offer on the Internet advisory services, which meaning a ban on the Internet Prasence of Arzten and whether a site on the Internet with an advertisement in a newspaper. So far, not many have entered. After all, I was the 1142. Visitor. the "colleagues" Of course see a forbidden advertisement, but most of them buried the possibility to get information from home. And the company that designed his page and is Vorbeck’s provider used the day of the hour, unopdruming a press release to bring himself to the attention and the dental pioneer.

However, it is possible, however, that the website is actually violated against the occupation of the dentist, that it simply goes to advertising and money at the dentist (and with the provider). In § 13, it is called the "public", that every advertisement or an opportunity for your own practice is prohibited, even if you "With the discussion of remedies and healing procedures, publications and submission" be connected. Forbidden is also a "free of charge or letter treatment" as well as any struggling publications outside the trade press. Advertising and information often difficult to separate, so you have advanced a bar in Germany, while in other countries this is not prohibited.

Although nowhere is the speech from the Internet right nowhere, because the Career Regulations still comes from 1980, but the attempt of Vorbeck to distinguish between a publication on the Internet and one in a magazine is a little fictitious. Of course, it is clearly clear whether the professional order of for the country Rhineland-Palatinate is to be applied to the Internet. Why should a dentist accept, colleagues in other countries globally in the internet prasent, but not because he lives in Rhineland-Palatinate? And why should people waive them to obtain free information or advisory services from doctors (or laws), just because this is precisely due to a professional order, which may no longer be appropriate and less the patient than the defense of the guild competition? Finally, Vorbeck has already supplied his patients already on the snail post with brochures and featured on dental care, implants or amalgam, but what apparently was not obviously problematic because he achieved only his confined patient base.

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