Germany has delivered inspirable hackers to the usa

Germany has delivered inspirable hackers to the USA

Also the website of Washington Post was hacked.

The Syrian-resistant German should have been involved in developing the Syrian electronic army, but what one finds from him, indicates no criminal activity, on the contrary

The German authorities have delivered a mutual hacker to the US, as the SZ reported. The 36-year German Peter R., which comes from Syria at which Aleppo Informatics University was studying in Waltershausen and worked in Erfurt for IT companies in Erfurt is accused of being a member of the Hacker Group Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The group supports the Assad government and should u.a. have made money from victims of their hacker attacks. He was transferred to a federal court in Virginia. The question is how far Peter R. really involved in the criminal activities and whether he does not have to expect a survival sentence in the US as a deterrent gesture.

The FBI published the indictment against Peter R in Marz. as well as Amad Umar Agha (TH3 PR0) and Firas Dardar (The Shadow), which in Syria (Damascus or. Homs) should live and on the Cyber-Most-Wanted-List with a 100.000 US dollar reward for information on their seizure were set. Agtha and Dardar of several appointments for hacking websites have been charged since 2011. The indictment itself comes from September 2015.

The group should "Phishing" Have collected usernames and passwords to get access to websites to retrieve them with Pro-Assad messages, spread false messages, steal emails and take account of social network accounts. In 2011, they should be in a website of the sowing house and 2013 in a recruitment website of the U.S. Navy Corps have penetrated. There, the soldiers were prompted for the command refusal. KAPERT SO Twitter Accounts of Associated Press, Reuters and Washington Post. A well-known coup was the spread of a tweet on the chopped Twitter account of the Associated Press News Agency, that a bomb exploded in sowing house and the prasident had been injured. The duck had the consequence that the boral values were briefly.

Firas Dardar. Image: FBI

Dardar is accused of giving up unauthorized access to computers and to have damaged them and to have compasses companies. So in 2013 and 2014 in Computer of at least 14 companies, of which at least one in the US (Eastern District of Virginia), has penetrated, visitors from the websites are sent away, emails sent and texts have changed. Under threat of further damage, he expressed fun. As a whole, he should have half a million US dollars, how much has been erupted, will not be clear, after the indictment, it was probably only a few thousand dollars. Peter R., which is also referred to as a wacker, is apparently accused of participation, it is believed that he has taken up crowds and forwarded to Syria to Dardar via a middleman. Direct transfer is not possible because of sanctions against Syria.

In one case, he should have transferred $ 1500 over a midsman in Lebanon to TH3 PR0. In another case, where it was about a hack in a Swiss webhoster received Dardar 5.000 Euro for a report, as he succeeded (he was already from the claim of 50.000 Euro jumped). Dardar should then have asked the company, the money on the PayPal account of Peter R. to remit. He has sent a contract via Gmail and a scan of his passport to the most pressed. Apparently he has helped only in these two traps.

Whether he hacked himself, is not quite clear, as a hacker and phishing-tader is actually called only Dardar. Peter R. Should in 2013, which emerge from communication with Aghar, beamed with past hacks and planned hacks on goals in Saudi Arabia or Qatar as he should have been involved in cooperation. Aghar then have Peter R. brought together with Dardar, the latter has Peter R. Then on the website www.Facebook.COM / SEA.Th3.Shad0w, which is now blocked, made a Facebook friend.

In addition to the help with the essemples, Peter R is. obviously mainly due to the clarification against the US sanctions against Syria. According to FBI information, the Gmail and Facebook account accounts of R is based on FBI information. and can access Dardar. Dardar is said to be the Gmail addresses SEA.The.Shadow @ and ethicalspectrum @ gmail.COM used. The communication shows that both had appointed chopping and pressing since 2013. You have also found copies of bank outset in the context of the explosive attempts with the names of the defendants.

The US prosecutor was striking the hacker group, which are considered hacktivists, and those sought along as normal cybercriminals: "The Syrian electronic army alleges that they export their hack actions to support the controlled regime of the Syrian Prassier Bashar Al-Assad", explained in Marz of Deputy Attorney General John Carlin. "Although some activities tried to harm the US economic and national security in the name of Syria, the detailed charges show that the members also explained to enrich themselves at the expense of legislative people around the world. The accusations in the indictment show that the border between criminal hackers and potential national security threats are increasingly blurring."

By unuseued work you have to identify the hackers and you will draw them, no matter where they are holding themselves. This should be emphasized that cybercriminalitat is punished and the US Cyber infrastructure is being protected.

Germany has delivered inspirable hackers to the USA

Picture of Peter R. From his after the indictment of the US Department of Justice German Pass.

Boser Hacker?

On Tuesday, Peter R was. briefly introduced the court. A first hearing will take place today to decide on the further imprisonment. A named duty defender has not been an opinion according to media reports. Peter R. appeared in court in T-shirt and Jeans and just asked to call his wife to creation, which lie in a hospital and soon would die on cancer. The court said you will inquire whether international calls can be tailored from the prison. R. Must allegedly expect a high-sided penalty up to 75 years, he should be condemned.

On the Facebook Account specified in the indictment (Pierre.Romar1 or ID number 100005382097823) finds nothing to any criminal activities, one is experienced that the delivered is engaged and since the Facebook account has been operated, commissioning works and detests the Islamic state. The Facebook Account of Dardar, where he is open as a member of SEA, was apparently closed by Facebook 2014, which by Peter R. is still open. The last entry is from 15. December:

Ladies and gentlemen

Together with my girlfriend we help escape strings that need help in our region or throughout Germany at translations, the first steps in Germany and the integration into German society. We currently have two families separated on the run. Women and children are in Turkey during the Manners in Germany and wait for family co-operation. However, you need money for the airline tickets. You do not have this money. ..

Peter R has grounded or co-frundled. Probably Gerabic Exchange and Crossed Cultures (Twitter account under his name), where he is also domain name owner. He then went to exchange, encounter, travel and language learning as well as the dissemination of the Basic Law in German. Somehow you can be Peter R. Do not imagine hackers as a bose. On the 25th. February he apparently found a new workplace on a company in Erfurt.

The Higher Regional Court in Thuringen and the Thuringian Ministry of Justice were requested.

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