German pride or right ideology?

The national identity is currently changing, but it could only be created a new right movement

Also abroad falls on that there is currently a little bone in Germany. Thus, the correspondent of the New York Times looks goodbye that the German identity, which has rested long, is awakened again. 20 years after reunification, one had come to a self -understance in Germany, which had never held the post-war generation for possibly. In Germany you became increasing German Pop Horen, people were explored Germany, the Bundeswehr is reformed, Germany’s economy Boome and German interests became powerful. German pride never disappeared, he only slept like dornroschen since the Nazi catastrophe and was now awakening again. Such a view of Auben will favor many who want to put a final line and would like to follow the right history of Germany, which was only driven by a company accident, but not really influential.

With us, the discussion raised thanks to Sarrazin and Steinbach plays in front of him, man or woman must say something, which at the same time stages a taboo and it is on behalf of freedom of expression. It is about the right ideology to prepare the train the train and deprive German history, D.H. what you had tried so far to learn from what, for example, belongs, including new versions of anti-Semitism, which uses the same methods to make religious other cultures for a sense of belief or enemy. If the Muslims of unsecured people are now stylized to the boses, then the Islamhasser, which is allegedly, took care of the Islamists, whose world view is only different from the other than the Occidental Civilization.

Since the one of genetically different intelligent layers and belongings of cultures swivel and wants to reduce life-handed people and shore asleep elites. However, this differs from the Nazi racial doctrine, which put on the whole Arian people, not only on the topsheet or the supposed intelligence aristocracy of the people (which have probably not noticed the many consummers who probably attract all the intelligent upper classes). And if the language seems to be saved to the salvation of the integration, then you can already ask yourself why it can give rise to multilingual countries like our neighboring country Switzerland over centuries.

The opponents of Sarrazins make it easier for this and his supporters because they only focus on anti-insignia, but not the capped genetic aristocratism. Interesting goods would be to know whom sarrazin the underlayer and the intelligent upper class is charged, so where in addition to Muslims and German, northern, Sudenuropan upper classmates, the selection limits were lost. As with Muslims, genes play a role, the self-ared of the intelligent topsheet would have to make us plausible. There is also a Christian genetic identity? Former Muslims from Indonesia, Chechnya, Pakistan, Kosovo, the Arab countries, Morocco or Nigeria succulent to become smarter, if they are atheists?

After sarrazin has managed as a traily, but well-paid Bundesbanker, in his free time to fabricate an excitement and strike out, after all, to get a better pension again, for which now all will take up, others can take the newly created room, Finally, understanding is that he has somehow partially right, even if the mostly remains in the nebuloses. With Erika Steinbach (voice of a minority), the Prasident of the federal federal federal displaced (BDV), which has always moved to the right edge (voice of the majority?), now becomes clearer to what it works.

With the center is the conclusion that the Union has to continue to right or the already existing new right movement is also a new party, in the distance to the old front of the NPD and Co. Steinbach turns off, of course, that she or the federal government is revisionist, but she is self-reluctant if she plays around that the Poles had mobilized their troops in Marz in 1939 or that the crimes of the Nazis had to – there they had to Probably sometimes touch the own family nose – do not differ from those who have been undertaken in response: "Human right to measure with two MAB is paradox in itself." This is somehow true, but serves an obvious purpose, the relativization and equivals, if one does not stress at the same time that the Germans had had in Poland and elsewhere also the possibility of distance from Nazi Germany.

Steinbach himself, which has already come back from the board of the CDU, looks good opportunities for a party to the right of the CDU, for one "really conservative" Political party. The fear is roughly, not for nothing demonstrated the Bavarian Minister Prosident and CSU boss Hort Seehofer unconditional unity with Steinbach. If the Germans lived today in the most stable democracy, then this will be "also the support of the displaced persons" owe. The former Brandenburg Interior Minister Jorg Schedbohm regrets that the conservatives in the CDU no longer played a role.

The US has no problem with patriotism as God’s Own Country, but it is self-reliable that the American dream also has to be humanity. In the US, just one stucco progressed, which is why the superpower also drove the other states into Gluck MUSSE. Therefore, the Times Correspondent also has much reason for the "Rediscover" The identity of the Germans: "The Country Has Now Awakened, Ready to Celebrate Its Economic Ingenuity, Its Cultural Treasures and the Unsil song Stretches of Its History."

The resurrection of the "German" will also be skeptical, according to the correspondent, which satisfies his objectivity requirements and otherwise can not rather through a real association. So one seems to be forgotten with the renewach of German nationalism, especially since in accordance with other Western States currently released over the apparently consensary anti-insatamism – or rather: hide – can, even if, as with Steinbach and the love of the right-wing extremists to Sarrazin becomes clear, there is quite clearly recognizable German differences.

Was about the German pride, however, from the denial of history, but can not arise from the mistakes learned from the mistakes, for the right in Germany was also a dark spot remain as for many Americans, which apparently are not ready, learn from history. This does not just seem to be personal, but also nationally or socially difficult.

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