Gauland whole pride?

Gauland's whole pride?

Removal of prisoners. Image: Tipper / Bundesarchiv, Figure 101i-020-1272-21 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Easy of the annual day of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union – a reminder of the crimes of the Wehrmacht in the East

In the election campaign 2017, the chairman of the AfD, Alexander Gauland, open to the militaristic traditional lines of German rights. You have the right, "To be proud of benefits of German soldiers in two world wars", explained Gaul country in mid-September 2017. The AFD has the right to "not just our country, but also to bring back our past".

Thus Mr. Gauland also explicitly wanted to be proud of the services of the Wehrmacht proud, which was known to form the military instrument of the warning war of the Nazis in the East. The AFD top candidate craved that – all crimes despite – "Millions of German soldiers were brave", they are now praising. That "criminal system" Be blame, so the AFD boss, and "not the soldiers who were bravely".

Gauland's whole pride?

Execution of partisans. Image: Cook / Federal Archive, Figure 101i-031-2436-05A / CC-BY-SA-3.0

This argument of the new rights, the old legend of the "Clean Wehrmacht" Remember, the confrontation with the historical facts does not survive. Easy of the anniversary of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union, who is on 22. June to the 78. Query, it seems to call in memory that the Wehrmacht not only made the military requirements for the East East East East East East East Ausbar, but was part of this Volkermordmaschinery.

The pride of the military services of the Wehrmacht, on the "bravery" the Wehrmacht Solden; He shines the purpose of the military conquest field train of Nazi Germany in the east – and this inventory in the genocide, in the eradication of Jews, Slavs and more "Subhur" in a conceptual settlement area for Germanic "overlay", which should extend to the Urals.

Gauland proud of the military resources, with which the purpose of the Volkermord was mimic, not only represents a blow in the face of all the descendants of the then victims and camphor against German fascism – he also builds a seemed barrier between military agents and criminal purpose, the It did not exist in the realitat.

destruction "overflowing eater"

The Leichenberg, which the Wehrmacht has to answer for the German Extermination War in the East, goes to the millions. The High Command of the Wehrmacht (OKW) used the hunger as a weapon from the start to spend a rough part of the population of the Soviet Union spicy in hunger death. The food reserves of the Wehrmacht ranged only a few weeks at the beginning of the war, the army should be completely nerves from the occupied areas.

For a planning meeting shortly before the collection, it strolled: "The wars is only further to drove when the entire Wehrmacht in the 3. War year from Russia is nervous." The consequences of this strategy were fully aware of the consequences of this strategy: "Undoubtedly tens of millions of people are starving when we are made from us for us from the country."

Gauland's whole pride?

Capture of Russian soldiers. Image: Johannes Hahle / Federal Archives, Figure 101i-020-1268-10 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

This German hunger plan, at its conception and execution the "brave" Wehrmacht was just involved in, saw around 30 million "UNZER ESSER" to murder by hunger. In addition to Leningrad, which should be spelled by the Wehrmacht, this tactic was used in almost all occupied areas of the Soviet Union – especially in the city -. Of the approximately 17 million Soviet civilians, which were killed by the Nazis extermination machinery, around seven million are killed by hunger.

A particularly oppressive example of the perfidium strategy of the Wehrmacht, hunger to use as a mass destruction weapon, the Wehrmachts-KZ Osaritschi built in occupied Belarus is. In the death camp that of 12. Until 19. Marz in 1944 was operated by the Wehrmacht, according to different estimates within a week of a week.000 to 20.000 people were killed by the Wehrmacht – mainly women, children, tours, work-related people.

While workfile civilians were removed to the Reich, one drove so-called in the death camp "Untitled Esser" together to them in the context of the strategy of "burnt earth" to destroy by hunger and disease (Typhus). The message of the upper command of the Wehrmacht was full of praise for the action:

The inventive action has brought a significant relief for the entire battle area. The residential areas were considerably loosened and free for troops. For useless Esser no food is consumed. By deporting the epidemics, the infection has been significantly reduced.

the "power" In this case, the Wehrmacht consisted of achieving a terrible death rate within the warehouse built in a wetland by the withdrawal of any supply. People were largely letting themselves, massacre and shadow – for example on deceptive children – were only if they collapse were collapsed on the transport or there were initiatives within the warehouse occupant to build dwellings or to drink sump water.

In the end, the Wehrmacht experimented with biological war guidance, since in the camp intentionally ill people were concentrated, such as the war diary of the 9. Army notes:

It is planned to bring all the non-work-proof locals in the space to be raised from the front-level zone of the army and to bring back there at the front expense, in particular the numerous spot fever criminals …

What is described here is the tactics of the human protective signs, such as the meshed Chatyn – the central commemorative place of the Republic of Belarus for the victims of the extermination war – noted on their internet prison. It had been a widespread practice of Wehrmachtsolaten to use human shields on the jerking in front of the red army:

In general, the Nazis surrounded large floor flats on the front line of the defensive position with the barbed wire, drove there Women, children and old people, guarded them hard and love people without accommodation, food and water. Intentionally, people were brought to stain fever and other infectious diseases.

Memorial Chatyn

Example: The Wehrmacht Death Camp Osaritschi

Osparitschi thus formed only the extreme case of a widespread criminal practice of the Wehrmacht. The Wehrmacht also participated in the destruction of people who are from the Nazis as "life not worth living" For annihilation were determined – for example in the largest death camp in the area Weibrussland, in Maly Trostinez. After the selection, the "Neute Esser" Shot by Wehrmachtsolaten and SS people:

The work-related – majority of women, children and tours – were then driven about 700 meters in the forest at Blagovschchina, fortified by Wehrmacht and SS shot them in the shift service and buried them in mass causes. Who was too weak for the last march in the forest, was murdered directly on the track in gas cars.


Of the "brave", In the shift service, mass murder of children, women, women, sick and work-related were accompanied by efforts to press the last out of the population of occupied territories of the Soviet Union. And if it should be spellfully children’s blood, as the example of the children’s home in the Ghetto Minsk illustrated:

On the territory of the ghetto was another separated area, the children’s home. There, the children were largely letting themselves. They slept on foul straw and suffered from malpractity. The purpose of this children’s home was military style, the children served as a blood donor for the German soldiers.


Excluding children as a blood donor for German soldiers – these are the historical now really unique "Services" of the German soldier in the East, which one obviously wants to be really proud of the new German rights.

Mass murder of Soviet prisoners of war

Hunger as a weapon was also used against Soviet prisoners of war, which were driven in the initial period of the Soviet Union million subjects in the hunger death in the initial phase of the Soviet Union. Around 3.7 million Soviet soldiers in German prisoners were deliberately murdered under bestial conditions by food. At least 850.000 Soviet prisoners of war starved under control of the Wehrmacht, on their "Services" Alexander Gauland wants to be so proud.

This was declared politics of the Wehrmacht. At the beginning of October 1941, GeneralQuieter Eduard Wagner enabled:

Non-operative prisoners of war in the prison camps have to starve. Working prisoners of war can also be nervous in individual cases from armies.

GeneralQuine Master Eduard Wagner

The destruction policy of the Nazis and the Wehrmacht opposite Soviet prisoners of war was first something, as the first gross defeats and the mobilization for the "total war" at an extreme lack of work "Enough" draft.

Clearly criminal was also the so-called "Commissary" the Wehrmacht, who arrived the immediate murder of all prisoners of war in the Soviet Union, which were daily, as "Politary" the red army to be tatig. Tens of thousands of prisoners have been murdered in the execution of this criminal Wehrmist command of Wehrmachtsanhorigen and the security service.

Mass murder of civilians

Another criminal command of the Wehrmacht, which tried to quantify the surveyor’s overhamne of the Nazi regime, was on 16. September 1941 adopted by the Wehrmitts. The so-called SEHNEBEIL looked forward to dispensing 50 to 100 civilians for each Wehrmittol data to be dispensed by partisans or other resistance groups. For this purpose, hostages – Jews, Roma, Communists – were taken and concentrated in bearings to displace them in resistance actions in the occupied territories. In addition, units of the Wehrmacht have repeatedly fed to bestial massacre at civil-population in the context of this "Sightseeing" Retribution for partisan attacks to UBS.

This Wehrmachprise of the eradication of entire villages was practiced in Greece, Italy and Yugoslavia. In the massacres in the Yugoslav villages Kraljevo and Kragujevac shot dead "brave" NAZiSol data in October 1941, for example, 4000 civilians, including 300 Schuler and 18 teachers of the Gymnasium of Kragujevac. The teachers were given by the Wehrmacht the option to spare their lives. They refused – and accompanied their schools on their last gear before the rifle run of the Fahrers of the 749. and the 727. InfantryGiments.

Gauland's whole pride?

Energy of Jews by the Wehrmacht in Saloniki, Greece. Image: Dick / Federal Archives, Figure 101i-168-0894-19A / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Her bloody zenith achieved this massacry practice of German soldier in the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising, as units of the SS and Regulatory Police within threesome days between 30.000 and 50.000 civilians murdered in Stadtheil Wolna. With the mass murder committed at the beginning of August on a whole district should be broken the fight for the spatters inherently – which then up to 1. October made the Naziokocupant desperate resistance.

In the Soviet Union was the so-called "Partisanbag" Firmly embedded in the War of Nazi Germany. Around 600 Dorfer were destroyed alone in the area of the Soviet Republic of Belarus by the Nazi-Occupant and its inhabitants. Mass murder of civil avenue in the context of "Retaliation" was bloody everyday life in the occupied areas of the Soviet Union, where the anti-fascist resistance movement with sabotage campaigns and attacks the logistics of the Wehrmacht Storte and Naziupren.

As part of these genocidal Germans "Partisanbag" In Belarus, a total of 345.000 people murdered. Only ten percent of these victims were actually partisans. The population of the Soviet Republic of Belarus, which embraced around nine million people before the war, fell by 1.6 to 1.7 million people in the course of the destruction of Nazi Germany. Belarus reached the pre-war level of the population again in the 1980s.

Very common NaziSol data

In the face of all this unuitable bloody slaughter, the planned German raging field train in the east, where the Wehrmacht participated, AfD-Chef Gauland wants "Millions of German soldiers" have made, just "brave". How did it look in the crawls all the "brave" NaziSol data – before you get your livestocks from the "Clean Wehrmacht" could caught, especially the lying post-war period in the Federal Republic to the 1960s?

An idea of it gives the Abhor Protocols of the British and American intelligence, which systematically accidentally accidented by prisoners wehmacht soldiers. Historians have evaluated the rich material comprehensively, as N-TV already reported in 2011. The results his "Cheerful and illuminating" simultaneously:

Because it shows in all openness a picture of the war from the point of view of German soldiers, which we do not know in such an unmistakable clarity so far. Saved the manns habitually in front letters and later repayments or memoirs their war impressions, if they did not fade in partial amnesia. But in captivity, often fresh under the impression of the war and in the middle of the comrades, they talked openly: over the hunts, pliers, rape – and the giant gaudi they had done.


Delightedly from her crafts, pilots of the Luftwaffe, which are due to their attacks on civilians: "It has become a degreist to throw bombs. That pricks a neat, that’s a fine feel. That’s just as to shut down." Another pilot explained: "There was Ashford. In the marketplace, there was a meeting held, heap people, talked, who may be injected! That’s spab!" Common infantrylists beamed in front of their comrades to have shot in France a civilian backruck to make his bike to make.

The gray of extermination war in the east were also discussed open, especially in connection with sexual violence against women. A GENERAL MAJOR noticed that many women were first raped by the German soldiers before their murder: "Because of river unit: In Riga, they first rumge birds and then dead that they could not talk anymore."

Sometimes the details of the bestial violence will be described, the very common, certainly very much "brave" Wehrmacht soldiers in the east began:

Oh, there we have snapped a spy that has walked around in the area. And then we drove her first with a stuck on the Appelchen, then we have the butt impregnated with the bare side rifle. Then we have fucked her, then we have thrown her out, then we have her down, there she lay on the jerking, because we (with) grenades have targeted. And every time we met in the near, she got up. Finally, she is disappeared and we got away the body away.

The Abhore Protocols also prove a practice that as "Shot tourism" referred to as. The Wehrmachtsanhorigen knew self-reluctantly very early on the Holocaust decision – and they have the "Invitations" the SS to massacres often readily accepted, as the one "attraction" Let’s having the boredom of the war loosened. A supernant of the Luftwaffe remembered how the whole troop with rifles of such an invitation was followed: "The SS has invited to the Jewish … has everyone can also be what it wanted for one."

Sometimes jagrituals had been imitated with such Wehrmachtmassakers, reported a supernote community: "…There were shot bushes there, normal sockets, and stood 30 Polish Jews. Then the gamer has ever been given a socket, and then the Jews were driven by, and then everyone was allowed to push a Jew with shot. At the very beginning, they got a merciless shot."

Decisive also criticized the procedure of the Wehrmacht gave it in the report:

However, the mass tusabilities are not always stobing on undivided consent. Partially, the soldiers disapprove the way of mass murder. If the blood is injected for hours, the pits are full, children in front of the rifle runs fidget, which does not make much spab the most daily rectors – despite supplements and duplicate food ration.

But not always the criticism was motivated by applying boredom on the industrially operated mass murder or even by moral disgust before this. Sometimes the Wehrmachtsanhorigen also believed that simply did not go far enough, as the statements of a Community General from Marz 1945 prove:

You can not say that loud, but we were too soft … we are now in the bottle with all the cruelty. But we had carried out the cruelty one hundred percent – the people disappear completely, then no human was saying something. Only these half mails, that’s always the wrong.

Who would have thought that? Among the Nazis one did not necessarily have to be in the SS, the SD, the Gestapo or the NSDAP to be Nazi.

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