Gabriel and the self-confident nation

Gabriel and the self-confident nation

Israel’s Minister Prosident Benjamin Netanyahu. Screenshot, YouTube

Israel: The Foreign Minister occurs as a teacher and is not received by Netanyahu – a comment

Actually, it was an embarrassing discharge, the Federal Minister Gabriel experienced in Israel. The most important date with the reigning Minister President Netanyahu fell out. He had canceled a meeting with Gabriel at short notice, because the non-governmental non-governmental organizations hit in Israel.

It is the organization Breaking The Silence rounded in 2004, which has set itself the goal of clarifying war crimes in the Israeli army. Who reads the work, can not escape a certain remedy. Here, young soldiers who often had to be very young in the occupied areas of military service and have come in situations in which they protrude palastic families that they pruned freedom and human rights.

It speaks for these soldiers that they have preserved their humanity and publicize their experiences with like-minded people. Of course they are one-sided and subjective. But there is no reason to doubt their truth content. The non-governmental organization B’sselem is also dedicated to human rights in the occupied territories. She is not balanced, but radically subjective.

Dealing with non-governmental organizations like Putin

Such organizations are a paint music paper for practiced democracy. It was therefore beaten by many Israeli liberal alarm when the Israeli Legal Government increasingly attacked the non-governmental organizations and she jerked after the role model of Russia’s Prasident Putin in the nearby foreign agent.

There is also explained defenders of the Israeli government, which describe the Israeli Left as NAIV and are therefore glad that they currently have no power option. But they too believe that this Israeli Left can do their work as a small NGO, even if they, and that is in the nature of the matter, the Israeli government and the militar does not fit.

These non-governmental organizations are a kind of childbar system in front of author’s tendencies, which no government and no domination is not a rule that is exposed to so many challenges as the Israeli burial democracy is currently.

Here we come to an aspect of Israeli politics, who will gladly look over when the image of an author’s Israeli government is drawn again, who opposed German politicians with coarse courage. But as roughly the respect for the Israeli NGOs is, so suspiciously we should be when the German Divinary Minister as "Patron" this NGO occurs. You do not deserve this instrumentalization.

The Israeli society is more complicated than there are groups like breaking the silence. In all the Islamist, with which the Israeli society has always been confronted in recent years – the knife warehouses are the most recent form – the Israeli democracy has preserved a coarse part of its principles. This became clear in time, as members of racist small groups on the edge of the settler movement wanted to take the law into their own hand and spread terror against Palasticians.

In this situation there was an outcry in the Israeli society, also politicians of Israeli legal parties clearly condemned these approaches of a right movement and thus made sure that right terror could not spread in Israel. According to all authorized criticism, which is honored by Israeli NGOs, exactly this continues to be forgotten the existing democratic grounding of Israeli society.

So it should also be explained why leading Israeli politicians do not want to be treated as representatives of a country, which should still have to catch up in terms of human rights and stands under standard control. Especially the stable reminders and warnings of EU institutions and the UN have meanwhile guided in Israel to counter-reactions. Many also of government-critical Israelis wonder why, in all the many conflicts around the world, some are always in Israel to see world peace and democracy.

Israelis do not want to interfere

Therefore, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu can quite build support in Israel if he makes politicians like Gabriel prior to choice to meet either with him or with the non-governmental organizations. In Israel, the idea is widespread that foreign politicians come into the country to which it is particularly concerned with exactly the NGOs in Israel minoritan positions.

Netanyahu made clear a few months ago that he wants to make prere on the politicians who continue to meet with the NGOs. In February, a visit to the Belgian Minister Prosident Charles Michel at Breaking The Silence and B ‘Tselem for Grobing Certime in the Israeli Government. Netanyahu also set Michels Visiting Program in the context of the EU’s israel-critical attitude. A counterpoint currently seems to be the Middle East policy of Trump Administration.

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