Frontex: registration package for eu-axle limits in work

The boss of the border protection work has a vision

In the next few days are two EU meetings "Escape crisis" on, tomorrow the Ministers of the Interior, on Wednesday the heads of government meet. In addition to the delicate topic distribution of asylum seekers, the registration of the escape, the importance of Juncker emphasized in his speech with the reference to fingerprints, one of the main points on the subject "Determined border management" be that the Council of the European Union announced last week (EU expands protection of the axis limits).

The border guards of the European countries on the balcony route with a decent registration to Dublin III specifications are obviously overwhelmed, the overview was lost (cf. Link to 46037). If it goes after a FAZ report, the Turkish Prassident Erdogan Offs Offline "the locks", To deal with the rush further escape "Prere on Europe" dust.

According to estimates of "Risk analysts" The EU border retention of Frontex is expected to be up to 500 at the Turkish West Cust.000 escape trots waiting for a crossing to Greece.

As is quite detailed in a document of the European Fund for Internal Safety (ISF) to Greece, considerable resources have already been invested in recent years to include EU-AUBE limits in Greece.

Frontex insert. Image: EU

Frontex boss Fabrice Leggeri speaks of the biggest challenge in Greece in it, "all incoming escapeons systematically capture".

Now urgently needed additional macers to be taken, he urges. The Council of the European Union has already decided to significantly increase the support for Frontex. Legeri wants more staff, above all, he poses an improvement of EU Lisa so that the data exchange works better. A new technology for the registration of migrants should be developed.

My vision is that Frontex Kaufig can offer a whole registration package: the technology, the existing devices and those who use the devices. An orderly registration at the European axis borders are also the best basis in order to systematically distribute the escape of the planned EU quota to the Member States.

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